PlayStation 5 might have limited supplies this year

PlayStation 5 might have limited supplies this year

Today marks a big year for gamers as it is the transition to a whole new generation of video games. Later this year, both Microsoft and Sony will launch successors for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One X, but it seems like not everyone will get the new iterations this year.

While the release of the PlayStation 5 is still due for later this year, Sony does admit that the launch supply will be limited. Surprisingly, this isn’t because of manufacturing challenges in lieu of the COVID-19 pandemic. Instead, it is because of its competition with Microsoft’s Xbox Series X and its pricing.

According to a recent report, the PS5 is expected to be priced at a relatively high rate, thus resulting in lower demand. This is more applicable now as people might have limited means once the COVID-19 crisis is over.

Due to the low demand, Sony will manufacture 5-6 million units by March 2021. In comparison, Sony planned a total of 7.5 million units for the PS4. Of course, this will all depend on Microsoft’s decisions with the Xbox Series X as well.

For instance, Sony will not delay the release of the PS5 is Microsoft decides not to delay their console as well. In terms of the production process itself and how Sony is affected by it, fans need not worry.

Sony moves forward with PS5 production despite limitations

Sony has said before that the launch of the console would not be affected by the current pandemic. However, the scarcity of components because of the coronavirus could still affect their production capacity as we move forward with 2020.

The company does have some plants in China, and this could very well be one of the causes of delays if ever it does happen.

As per game development, Sony expects delays regarding their exclusive titles. One of which is The Last of Us 2 on the PS4.

Sony’s promotion affected?

For starters, Sony never intended to participate in E3 2020, so their plans aren’t in any way affected. However, they did have to make some changes with their promotions for the PS5. For instance, they had to reveal the DualSense controllers immediately to avoid early leaks as they have already sent the controllers to game developers.

Almost every industry, including the video game industry, is affected by the current pandemic. While game sales are increasing as everyone is stuck at home, we have to consider the backend of the industry and how they are coping with limited means as well.


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