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PlayStation 5 pre-orders limited to ‘existing customers,’ Sony asking to sign up


The information about Sony’s up and coming flagship console has been relatively scarce, so far. With recent information about the topic revolving mostly about how the console and the controller would look and its upcoming games, many things about it remain obscure. In a more recent twist of event, it seems that Sony is insinuating limited stocks as it asks its “existing customers” to register for a pre-order.

While Sony was not explicit in stating that there would be “few” PlayStation 5s when they release later this year, indicators are pointing to that claim.

Limited Pre-order Stocks

One of the telling signs is indeed in need to have someone who could pre-order the console to register on the promo. This is inclusive of the idea that that “someone” has to be an “existing customer” of the Sony PlayStation brand. Meaning, those who are thinking of venturing into the PlayStation fresh are sadly excluded in the promo.

As it appears, Sony would refer to the person’s existing PSN ID in addition to his “interests and PlayStation activities.” All the while limiting the pre-order sale of the unit to one per person. What is not limited to pre-order, however, are auxiliary items for the PlayStation 5, which themselves are optional for having.

Anyone who registers and receives an invitation from Sony is the only one valid for the promo.

If such profiling is not too limiting, the promo will also work on a limited-time basis. This means that those who were given the privilege of the invite to pre-order have only a limited period to do so. Past that point and the chance to pre-order becomes null and void.

For USA Consumers Only

It is unsure at this point whether Sony would be rolling the same promo elsewhere. But, as of writing, only residents of the United States can do the pre-order. Alternatively, those from abroad who have a valid US address can also participate in the commercial event.

The development of the PlayStation 5 has been rocky for Sony due to the occurrence of the COVID-19 pandemic. Particularly in its overall effect in the production as well as financial constraints to many people across the globe. This is not to mention the competition which seeks to gain leverage through a handsome pricing scheme.

To say that there is an uncertainty to pursue on the PS5 during such times for Sony would be an understatement, considering the negative premise.

Image used courtesy of PlayStation/YouTube Screenshot

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