PlayStation 5 price leak was an error, says Amazon

A listing on Amazon seems to have leaked the price of the upcoming PlayStation 5. However, the company made it clear that it was false.

Last week, Amazon UK posted several listing for the PlayStation 5. The listings included a few upcoming games and the PlayStation 5 itself, which was tagged at £599.99 (1090 AUD).

However, Amazon has revealed that the listings were just an error.

PlayStation 5 listing

As posted by Twitter user Wario64, Amazon UK released listings for the 2TB, 1TB and 500GB variants of the PlayStation 5. The weird thing is they were all tagged at £599.99 (1090 AUD), and Sony only revealed an 825GB model of the console.

During the same day, there were over 100 listings for upcoming PlayStation 5 games on the same site. It includes supposed nameless games from developers such as Rockstar, Bethesda, and Konami.

A few of these listings were priced at £69.99 for retail price. However, games in the region are usually sold at £59.99 on the PlayStation 4.

In addition, the listing had no images available, and the description says the item has not been released yet.

Amazon says it’s false

The pricing for the PlayStation 5 models and the games implied that these were only theoretical. Amazon UK’s PR later confirmed that the listings were indeed false.

A spokesperson told reporters that the listings were an error on their side. In addition, the PlayStation 5 console’s listing was only a placeholder with a dummy price. However, looking at a few screenshots from Twitter user Nibel, someone was able to pre-order the placeholder listing.

Amazon usually creates placeholder listings before the announcement events. These dummy listings will be filled out with the correct information once the announcements are revealed.

Controversial listing

There were some debates to be had on how Amazon came up with the prices. Rumors even spread that the company had privileged information on the next-generation console.

Also, it would be unlikely for Amazon to post the prices publicly before Sony made the official announcement. The PlayStation 5’s price has been a consistent topic since the first day it was revealed. No one still knows how much both variants of the PlayStation 5 will cost.

However, there were reports that revealed that the console’s manufacturing cost is at $450(650 AUD) and that stock would probably be limited during its first year. Despite these factors, everyone can expect that the number of pre-orders in Amazon will still be massive once the PlayStation 5 is launched.

Featured image courtesy of LADbible/Youtube Screenshot

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