PlayStation 5: Release, pricing, launch titles, and everything we know

Today is an excellent year for gamers as, by the end of it, they’ll have an entirely new generation of games to look forward too. One of the consoles bringing the new age of gaming to everyone is Sony’s PlayStation 5.

Details about Sony’s PlayStation 5 are kept under tight lips for now, but the tech giant has teased some things about the console still. Here’s a roundup of everything we know about this upcoming console.

Release date and pricing

The exact release date for the console hasn’t been announced yet, but Sony is planning on a holiday 2020 release. This would make the game coincide with the Christmas season, thus possibly boosting sales capacity. As of now, the developer is having a hard time building consoles because of the limitations set by the current pandemic. As such, it is eyeing a limited launch.

As for pricing, Sony has said before that the price might vary and could depend on how Microsoft would price its Xbox Series X. Many are speculating, however, that the price could be ranging from $450-550.

Backwards compatibility

The great news is that Sony will make the PlayStation 5 backwards compatible with the PlayStation 4. This means games from Sony’s current console will be playable in its next console.

However, Sony does announce that not every PlayStation 4 game will be playable at launch. It is going to make the most-played PlayStation 4 titles available at lunch, but it will expand this library moving forward.


Sony is moving on from iterations of the DualShock controller, and it’s moving forward with the sleekly designed DualSense. As per Sony a month ago, the DualSense controller will have a built-in mic and haptic feedback. The latter means the controller will try to recreate certain sensations through vibration. For instance, players could feel how a car’s body is scraping off the wall during racing games.

Launch Titles

Not surprisingly, there aren’t a lot of titles announced for the console just yet. In fact, one of the only confirmed launch titles for the console is GodfallAs the trailers suggest, Godfall plays similarly to Destiny, but instead of guns, players will have to use melee weapons.

The good thing is that while there are only a few launch titles confirmed for the console, there are already a lot of games confirmed to be in the works. These include Dying Light 2 and possibly Watchdogs Legion.

The PlayStation 5 is one of the most anticipated consumer tech releases this year. It’s not just gamers who are excited to explore the next generation of gaming; even developers are ecstatic of the possibilities that the new generation brings.


Image used courtesy of PGW/Wikimedia Commons

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