PlayStation 5 UI has been revealed by Sony

The release of the PlayStation 5 is only a few weeks away, and gamers are obviously excited. While the console is still a few weeks away, Sony is nice enough to give us a closer look into the console.

It took Sony quite a while to reveal the PlayStation 5. It took more time to reveal the price of the console. Now, they’re taking the initiative by giving gamers a closer look at the UI of the upcoming console. Here’s everything we know so far for the upcoming console’s user interface.

Impressive UI

Fans are undoubtedly impressed with the 11-minute video showcasing the UI of the upcoming console. It is rendered at 4K. Each of the player’s games and media app is given additional space on the home screen. Instead of a small square like in the PlayStation 4’s UI, the games have more space on this UI.

The console will introduce a new UI element called the Control Center. This will give players access to almost everything they need to the system. This can be accessed by pressing the PlayStation button. Even better is that players won’t have to leave their game when accessing this menu.

In the control center, players can access a menu called Activities. These appear as cards on the screen. These will show players some new gameplay opportunities, including the things they missed, such as new updates or even levels they’ve yet to play.

It’s all about the player

As per Sony, the UI of the PlayStation 5 is all about the player. Basically, they want to ensure that players are able to go about the menu with ease.

Most of the menus are easily accessible. For instance, social features like voice chat are available at the Control Center as well. Players can also share their screens with their games without having to close it. The console is now also capable of capturing screenshots and videos at up to 4K resolution.

So far, players are impressed with the UI. Of course, the UI will change in the coming years as new changes are implemented.

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