PlayStation abruptly kills ‘Killzone: Mercenary’ servers without prior notice

PlayStation abruptly kills 'Killzone: Mercenary' servers without prior notice

PlayStation has reportedly shut down the servers for Killzone: Mercenary on its Vita consoles just recently without giving prior notice, leaving many of its still avid players shocked and baffled.

Sony has been very busy with gearing up the launch of its next-gen console, the PlayStation 5, really soon. Unfortunately, this grand release meant the end for its other games supported by its older consoles, like Killzone: Mercenary. 

Killzone: Mercenary was dubbed as one of the best PlayStation Vita games. It was released in 2013 as a Vita exclusive game.

It gained a good amount of players creating a sturdy community fan base throughout the years. It had a very competitive multiplayer mode, with a good quality story mode on the side.

Vita players left without prior notice

During the weekend, PlayStation Vita players were experiencing login difficulties on Killzone: Mercenary. This lead to the obvious conclusion that the console giant killed its servers.

Reports confirm that the servers for the Killzone: Mercenary multiplayer mode were shut down without giving its players prior notice. According to Comicbook‘s source, a PlayStation Support, that the servers were indeed killed off.

On Reddit, players made threads, sharing mutual issues, with error codes, “the matchmaking service failed.” Others have sought the help of players with software engineering skills that can create fan-made servers via “reverse engineering.”

The abrupt news was, of course, welcomed with saddened emotions, as players, later on, commented their own memories of the game’s smooth competitive multiplayer gameplay. Nevertheless, the story mode is still playable on the 2012 PS handheld console.

Others, however, are still quite hopeful, saying that creating a petition may just “make enough noise,” citing that the shutdown without warning is against the Terms of Service (TOS). Accordingly, it will force Sony to put the servers back on for 90 days.

The same situation allegedly happened to Warhawk on PlayStation 3. Although the End User License Agreement (EULA) did say that services can be terminated at any time, the TOS highlights that prior notice will be given before the termination.

Odd behavior for Sony

Sony has reportedly shut down servers before but with prior notice. Evolution Studio’s 2014 game title Driverclub also encountered the same fate last year, but players were said to be given ample time before officially killing the servers.
There hasn’t been any official word from Sony as to the reason behind the subtle shutdown. The tech giant might be freeing some space for the grand release of PlayStation 5.
Featured image courtesy of Killzone: Mercenary

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