PlayStation CEO explains why they won’t abandon PS4 for PS5

PS5 News: PlayStation CEO explains why they won't abandon the PS4 for the PS5

The release of the PS5 is only but a few days away but Sony says they still plan to continue the PS4 in the succeeding years. Here’s why.

A new generation of consoles like the PS5 and the Xbox Series X are all-set for release. Because of this, many assume the discontinuing of the previous console generation. But that actually is far from the truth. In fact, the previous generation stays for a while before it gets dropped.

But all of this depends on the manufacturer, the game developers, and the consumers. For PlayStation, they’re not ready to give up on the PS4 just yet despite the arrival of the PS5.

 A stronger PS4 in the age of the PS5

It’s been seven years since Sony first released the PS4. But even with a new console generation, the company is not finished with the PS4 just yet. It’s understandable that Sony would want to continue supporting the soon-to-be older console.

With PS4, Sony managed to dominate the gaming industry for a great number of years in both console and games. With the continued support, many can expect a number of next-gen games to have PS4 ports.

Sony is really hopeful for the PS4 in the future. In fact, PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan shared how he believes that the PS4 will continue to grow. Not only that, but he also believes that in 2022, the PS4 would make up most of PlayStation users. And for this reason, it is beneficial for the company to continue its support for the older console.

With the massive impact of the pandemic on the world’s economy, this may be the right move for Sony. Not only that, it’s common knowledge that most people don’t really transition to newer console generations until publishers release more new game titles.

Exceeding the PS4 launch sales

Regardless of the points mentioned above, Sony still has higher hopes for the PS5. The company expects the next-gen console to exceed the PS4’s 7.6 million launch sales in its first fiscal year. Furthermore, the company is also aiming for the PS5 to exceed the PS4’s 114 million lifetime sales.

However, Sony CFO Hiro Totoki also acknowledges that even with this feat, the earnings will still be in the negative. This is because Sony is selling each PS5 unit at a loss. But is this really a problem? Probably not. Everyone knows that the real money is not in the consoles but in the games and services provided for these games.

“I would like to state that penetration, the increase of PS5 in the market would urge customers to buy the software,” Totoki explains. “So overall, as a business, the PS5 ecosystem will be activated, and in consequence, would grow earnings.”

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