PlayStation Direct sets up new queue to avoid bots

PlayStation Direct sets up new queue to avoid bots

PlayStation direct has opened up a new queue in an attempt to get rid of bots that jump the line for every new restock of the PS5.

Many people around the world are still waiting, albeit impatiently, for their own PS5 consoles. Restocks are flying off the shelves like freshly-cooked pancakes because of the scarcity.

The problem isn’t entirely the fault of Sony since there is an ongoing shortage of chipset production across the tech industry. Sony is also not sitting on its hands as it hears its userbase loud and clear. The company knows the plight of its customers and wants to continue providing solutions.

Time and time again, new restocks online are gobbled up by bots set up by scalpers or resellers. This results in the secondary market jacking up prices of PS5 consoles unrealistically. Unfortunately, there are eager Sony fans that are willing to pay extra just to get their own unit.

New PlayStation Direct queue opens to avoid bots

In order to solve this problem, PlayStation Direct opened up a new queue. This new setup is unlike restocks before.

Prior to this upcoming drop, PlayStation Direct opens up restocks just like any other store. As soon as new stocks are available, they go online only to be gobbled up by bots and scalpers.

The new system will try to avoid that by implementing a waiting list. This list will not favor those that will sign up earlier. Instead, all registrants are placed similarly. Once the drop happens, the system will randomly choose and organize the names of the registrants to be placed in the queue.

In other words, regular users and bots will have an equal chance of being selected to be placed in the queue.

Requirements to register for the waiting list

PlayStation Direct will require the registrant to have a PlayStation Network account to register. The prospective buyer will then just need to have his payment details ready to secure his own unit. Otherwise, the system may boot the user out for failing to pay within the payment window.

According to reports, the drop will happen anytime soon. The waiting list is also filling up quite rapidly because Sony is expected to release both the disc and digital version of the PlayStation 5.

Sony didn’t announce the actual number of units it will release for the Direct release. The only thing assured here is that both models of the PS5 will be sold at the suggested retail price of US$399 and $499.


Image from Kerde Severin/ Unsplash

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