PlayStation fans demand Sony buy out Konami following Microsoft-Bethesda deal

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In a move that sees Microsoft expanding through the acquisition of Bethesda, fans in the PlayStation camp are on an outcry asking Sony to pull a similar stunt and with Konami being the target.

Microsoft has recently been a word of mouth recently when it acquired ZeniMax Media, the parent company of Bethesda. Through the procurement, the software company got ahold of many popular IPs, including The Elder Scrolls and Fallout series.

A Big, Potentially Lucrative, Purchase

For a company as big as ZeniMax Media, Microsoft has great plans in the future so as to shell out $7.5 billion for the deal. With the former known for its prowess in coming up with blockbuster titles, Microsoft is soon likely able to recoup the amount it paid.

While it is good on the part of Microsoft to secure a good position in the gaming industry, it’s not without its ramifications against its competition. The fear mostly boiling to the fact that, despite the company’s stance towards “exclusivity,” games could become deeply divided through the fueling of a similar practice.

After all, Bethesda is quite a household name on both PlayStation and Xbox due to its games’ ubiquitous presence. Players on both camps can attest that there’s something to the reputation with many of its games.

Public Demand

Speaking of a company with IPs that are also popular but don’t get the right attention to, no other probably rings a bell to it than Konami. The same Japanese company who brought some of the most iconic titles, including Metal Gear Solid, Castlevania, Suikoden series, etc. Games that, for one reason or another, are seeing neglect that they otherwise deserve as gem titles of their own respective era.

Earlier, there was a rumor that speaks of Sony being on the hunt for a studio to acquire. Strongly hinting of Konami being the subject of the potential procurement. While the rumor did end nothing but hearsay, it, however, sparked hope of it becoming fruition among the advocates of the stance.

As fervor alone would not be sufficient to push a company to absorb another as a means of securing IPs, many still clamor for the gossip to become true. Although the hype had eventually faded after dismissing it as a baseless claim, it all brought back to life following the stunt that Microsoft employed.

So much so, in fact, that there has been an “outcry” from PlayStation fans, pushing Sony to commit a similar feat.

Image used courtesy of Sony Corporation/YouTube Screenshot

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