PlayStation, Insomniac potentially hinting at a ‘Sunset Overdrive’-related project

Sunset Overdrive E3 trailer snapshot

Through images that show a seemingly crossover between Sunset Overdrive and Ratchet & Clank, PlayStation and Insomniac could be on to something.

Insomniac Games is making waves across Twitter when it began posting a series of images that seemingly involves a rupture. It starts with Ratchet using the Ryno 8 in what appears as an act of opening a dimensional rift. This is then followed by a few more pictures depicting a likely implication from that event.

With each photo containing the #RatchetPS5Takeover, it shows instances of another franchise to SO meeting at an intersection. One, which gathers the most attention, is a photo displaying a battle encounter between Sunset Overdrive’s protagonist and Fizzie. That is, with the special highlight on the presence of the rift that Ratchet possibly started. The image in question is especially interesting, considering the game’s current status as a PC- and Xbox-exclusive title.

Now Sony-owned

Developed by Insomniac Games, the game has an inevitable tie to its maker, which is now owned by Sony after a buyout last 2019. This, thus, presents an interesting prospect of the action-adventure title breaking free from its present exclusivity bondage.

More than just a port, it’s also plausible that said potential launch in PlayStation could also come with new contents. That is, in the form of a crossover between what is now Sony’s intellectual properties. A belief that is indeed given birth by the vague imagery that Insomniac Games has shared via a tweet.

Potential Crossover

Notion of a release to the PlayStation is not a stray from reality in that regard. But that is not solely what the ambiguous picture presents to the viewers. Another interesting idea is the possibility of a sequel. Realistically, this is less as likely as the previous notions, given that the existing title hasn’t made it into PlayStation just yet. However, it does indeed emphasize an interesting point that many will find hard to resist.

Bigger Picture

One has to look past just the images alone to get a clearer picture of what is in play, however. Just last month, Sony has registered a trademark for Sunset Overdrive. This initiative does not necessarily guarantee that the company is working on a project involving it. But the possibility is not entirely removed either, all things considered.

Another telling sign that something is afoot with the franchise is a word from Insomniac’s creative director, Marcus Smith. Particularly, on his willingness to come up with a sequel, citing also that there’s no hindrance to it.

Image used courtesy of GameStar/YouTube Screenshot

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