PlayStation Now new games for May 2020 revealed

Sony has officially released the list of new video games to join the PlayStation Now subscription service for May 2020.

Just last month, PlayStation Now has added the Game of the Year nominee Spider-man and three others into its subscription service. They usually release at least three free games per month.

For the month of May, they are adding again three new games to the service. These include the psychological thriller Get Even, the tactical shooting game Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege and the horror game The Evil Within 2.

These new games are nothing compared to last month’s huge additions. However, they are still awesome games that will make players want more of PlayStation Now.

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege

This multiplayer tactical shooting game was released in 2015. It is the most famous game coming to PlayStation Now for this month.

The game features a first-person shooter that makes players control different operators who come with their unique weapons and gadgets. The operators are based on different countries’ Counter Terrorism teams.

The multiplayer mode lasts only for a few minutes and would demand communication, teamwork, and a bit of luck to successfully defend or attack an enemy base.

Get Even

Among these three, Get Even is the weirdest one of the group. The game is a puzzle, shooter and a thriller game rolled into one. The game features characters trapped inside an insane asylum with a VR device surgically attached to their heads.

The game’s plot is certainly strange since it ventures into multiple genres to make it more unique. The game’s reviews were decent but some players may scratch their heads playing this game.

The Evil Within 2

Horror gaming enthusiasts who didn’t get the chance to play this in 2017 should try this on the PlayStation Now. The sequel is set three years after the first game and will still feature the detective Sebastian Castellanos.

The Evil Within 2 still has the horrifying elements and surprising gameplay that gamers love from the first game. The game delves into a deeper, more personal, and emotional connection to the protagonist’s past.

While some factors were criticized, most of the game’s fans agree that the game provides a stunning horror experience filled with thrills and tensions. The original Evil Within game is also available on PlayStation Now, so fans can choose which one to try out.

Featured image courtesy of Business Insider/Website Screenshot

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