Playstation Now will roll out 1080p resolution on select titles

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Playstation Now will start rolling out higher resolution support this week. Sony announced that their cloud streaming service will go up to 1080p resolution.

Sony announced the rollout of their improved resolutions for Playstation Now. Over the next few weeks, several markets will get to start running 1080p, which will include Europe, Canada, US, and Japan.

1080p is standard across other cloud streaming platforms

Cloud streaming is among the futures of gaming, and so far, many services offer solid resolutions for their games. Many of these services offer 1080p as a standard option. These include Google Stadia, xCloud, and even Amazon’s Luna.

720p is also available as a performance option for those who have slower internet speeds. This helps improve the stability of the cloud stream, whose general issue is the massive load on residential bandwidth.

Some platforms, including Stadia, also offer quality options, even providing 4K resolution. Now, Sony is joining the others, adding 1080p as an option soon.

“PlayStation Now will begin rolling out support for streaming 1080p capable games this week,” said Sony on their official Playstation Twitter account. “The rollout will occur over the next several weeks across Europe, US, Canada, and Japan, where PlayStation Now is available.”

So far, this puts PS Now on par with its competitors. XCloud went ahead with the resolution increase weeks ago.

Resolution boost limited to capable titles

Back in 2019, Sony announced its intent to eventually go up from 720p streaming for their Playstation Now. 1080p has now become a standard minimum among gamers. With better technology, 1080p is the least that most players would accept.

So far, PS Now are among the most viable cloud streaming platforms with the best optimization. The service works with very little problems, and the 1080p resolution should be a great boost.

Even then, it seems Sony would leave it up to devs to set their games to support 1080p. Their claim of “1080p capable games” is as ambiguous as it gets. It’s likely that Sony’s first-party titles will be supporting the boost first.

Those subscribed can enjoy the boost with games such as Marvel’s Avengers, The Long Dark, and even Borderlands 3. These games came to the service early this month and are interesting enough to try for many players.

PS Now has as many as 800 titles on their platform. The service also allows for over 300 games to be available on PS4 consoles for download up to 4K. Sony will likely announce more details for the Playstation Now boost in the coming days.

Featured image courtesy of Playstation/Youtube Screenshot

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