PlayStation Plus Games might release free items to its PS Plus members

PlayStation fans became ecstatic when a leaked screenshot surfaced on the internet. The screenshot contains two free games for PS Plus members coming this May.

May’s PlayStation Plus games were allegedly leaked online and if true, players are in for one hell of a treat. Every last week of the month, PlayStation Plus subscribers tend to predict games that will be offered on next month’s PlayStation Plus.

Players get excited for freebies ahead of Sony’s official statement. On the ResetEra forums, a website dedicated to players, a user that goes by the name “Adookah” posted a supposed advertisement for May’s PlayStation Plus lineup. 

The user said in his post that he received the photo from a close friend. However, the leak cannot be verified up to this point. According to the leak, the free games are Dying Light and Dark Souls Remastered.

Dying Light

This game was produced by the creators of popular titles Call of Juarez and Dead IslandDying Light has won over 50 PlayStation rewards and plenty of other nominations.

The game presents a new approach to its gameplay which sets powerful standards for first-person zombie shooting games.

Dark Souls Remastered

The fan-favorite game features the wicked ancient continent of Lordran. With the remastered version, players will get to experience exploring the world of Dark Souls in 4K resolution and at 60FPS if played on the PlayStation 4 Pro.

The game is unbelievably difficult as players will need to plan their strategy for every enemy, visit the spooky location, and collect weapons and magic spells.

The leak is likely fake

The leaked screenshot has some blatant issues which question its legitimacy. First, the quality of the image is intolerable and lacks the crispness of the usual photos released by Sony.

Additionally, the structure of the elements in the photo is far from the typical clean-cut style players have been accustomed to. PlayStation 4 owners will still have to wait until April 29th for Sony’s official announcement of May’s PlayStation Plus games.

Following this, players will still have to wait again until the first Tuesday of the month to be able to download the game from the PlayStation Network StoreThis means the PlayStation Plus games for May will be released on May 6, 2020.

In the meantime, Uncharted 4 and Dirt Rally 2.0 – April’s PlayStation Plus games – are still free to download until May 4, 2020.

Featured image courtesy of Mashable/Website Screenshot

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