PlayStation Store places PS4 games on sale for limited time


The PS4 game sale on PlayStation Store will last until June 19, while the “Deal of the Week” event will conclude on June 23.

PS4 and PS5 users always have the opportunity to enjoy new game titles. As it happens, PlayStation Store never seemingly runs out of deals that feature big sale events.

Apart from the weekly sale, courtesy of the “Deal of the Week” program on the platform, there are several other giveaways and bargains on the official store. On Friday alone, Sony has, once again, surprised its fanbase after placing a PS4 title on sale.

Comic Book said that the title does not offer a PS5 version. But, users of the latest gaming console from Sony may still play the game via “backward compatibility.”

Flatland Prologue for sale for 24 hours

Nearly 24 hours ago, PlayStation Store placed an 80 percent discount on Flatland Prologue and Flatland Vol. 1. From the original prices of $1.99 and $4.99, gamers may now purchase them for AU$0.52 and AU$1.32, respectively.

The Prologue title is a prequel to Vol. 1. Both are a “fast-paced hardcore platformer” game, and they boast “hand-crafted levels and challenges.”

Minimol Games published the franchise, while Kyuu Fujisaki developed the titles. The prequel debuted back in 2020 but, it only hit PlayStation 4 this year.

The sale started on Friday, and will end on June 19. Accordingly, gamers only have 24 hours to purchase the game from the store.

Downwell for sale since last week

The discounts for the Flatland titles’ come amid the sale for Downwell. It is also a game for PS4 but, allows PS5 users to play it via backward compatibility.

A separate report from Comic Book said that the sale on PlayStation Store began on June 11. It will also end on June 19, giving gamers more than a week to purchase the title.

The original price of Downwell in the store is AU$6.67. Sony is now offering the game for only AU$2.26 because of the 66 percent discount.

After the limited-time sale event, the price of the game will return to its original rating.

The “Deal of the Week” on PlayStation Store

As for the “Deal of the Week” from the official store, HITMAN 3 takes the center stage. For the sale event, both of its standard and deluxe editions come with a 35 percent discount.

Gamers may now purchase the standard title for AU$52.14, from its original price of $80.22. As for the deluxe collection, the sale price is AU$69.52 from AU$106.97.

The current “Deal of the Week” event on PlayStation Store will end on June 23. Expect a new deal to replace HITMAN 3 in the next few days.

Images courtesy of PlayStation/YouTube

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