PlayStation Vita Resistance game’s original title have been leaked

PlayStation ‘Vita Resistance’ game would have a different name, and the title has been leaked for fans!

Recently there has been some news on the leaked documents regarding the new gaming title of PlayStation.

Vita Resistance which was originally underworking, developers have said they will spend more time on the game as the idea is huge.

So recently, the leaked pitch document shared with the fans on an anonymous platform has shed some light on the Resistance game and the sequel which was being planned.

The pitch documents show all the possible names displayed for the game

The pitch documents have revealed all the last entries in the series and how the franchise would get silent after the release.

Vita Resistance was one of the most exclusive first-person shooter games, and the franchise was developed by Insomniac Games that rose to prominence around the late 2000s.

The original idea of the game was to be focused on the topic of massively successful AAA science fiction and shooters like Halo.

Players are big fans of first-person shooter and archive games, and thus, everyone needs to get a peek at what is being developed these days.

So the new work on the game and how the developers were working on a new title or the sequel of the game have partnered to a lot of controversy over the year.

In the launch of the series, it was developed that the game garnered many partnerships and management, but the franchise went silent suddenly.

According to the leaked documents, which have been broken down. Some of them are supposed to have a bit different and how it ultimately turned out accordingly.

What is the main objective of the game?

The games have taken a major stand and have been a massive success over the years as it mainly focuses on something that is completely scientific. If players have had their hands on games such as Alien Isolation, then this is a game that might seem familiar to them.

Players will have proper tasks when they start the game, and the primary motive of every player here is to fight back against the terrifying creatures and work towards a better future for humanity.

It is more like players are given the main task of saving humanity from the array of present monsters.

Recently, there were words that the new game was in development, but soon the developers have said that their main pitch is to work on something that can be innovative and, on the other hand, not follow in the imprints of the first game.


Image courtesy of GamesRadar/YouTube

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