‘Pokemon Cafe Mix’ launching today

The previous Pokemon Presents livestream showcased a handful of titles including a new Pokemon Snap, Pokemon Smile, and of course, Pokemon Cafe Mix. We’re getting one of these games sooner than expected and fans are taken by surprise.

Pokemon Cafe Mix is a puzzle-focused game for the Nintendo Switch and mobile devices. It was one of the surprises that Nintendo had during the Pokemon Presents live stream. Although it was revealed unexpectedly, Nintendo might have already been working on this game for a long time as it’s actually releasing soon.

The game is coming today

The release date of the upcoming game is apparently June 23, which is only a few days ahead of the game’s reveal. According to the listing, players will need up to 112MB of space on the Nintendo Switch is they want to download the free-to-play title. Moreover, it can support several languages including English, Japanese, German, Italian, Korean, Spanish, French, and Chinese.

When Pokemon Cafe Mix launches, players will only be able to enjoy it in the Nintendo Switch’s handheld mode. We’ve yet to know whether or not the developers intend to update the game with features that will allow it to be played while docked. However, it would be more interesting if it can be played in tabletop mode using the Joy-Cons.


The game is free-to-play but there are going to be some in-game purchases that players can opt to buy. It’s a simple puzzle game based on the popular franchise but there’s so much more to it than that.

“Link together Pokémon icons to clear puzzles as you work to build up your very own café in Pokémon Café Mix, a free-to-start game for the Nintendo Switch system! Meet the goals for each puzzle before you run out of turns—link a certain number of icons, get a high score, or even destroy sugar cubes to serve up Pokémon themed menu items,” says the game’s description.

It’s a light and casual game that Pokemon fans are going to surely enjoy. We can expect Nintendo to update the game with more features and even more creatures in the future if it becomes popular.

Pokemon Cafe Mix may not be a hardcore Pokemon game but it looks like a fun game nonetheless. Fans shouldn’t forget that a new Pokemon project is going to be revealed on the 24th so there might even be more surprises up ahead.


Image used courtesy of Nintendo/YouTube

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