‘Pokemon Cafe Mix’ tips to achieve the highest combos

Pokemon Café Mix has been released for mobile devices and the Nintendo Switch. However, the game isn’t just about swiping around a console’s screen.

The Pokemon Café Mix is an extremely addictive game that allows players to solve puzzles. Refreshing drinks and tasty treats are on the menu inside the newest mobile game that features a bunch of helpful Pokemon.

As the game progresses, players will need to expand their café and recruit cute and productive Pokemon. However, solving these puzzles will get harder as players reach new levels of difficulty.

Here are a few tips from the pros to help everyone get high scores and easily beat every level in the game.

Pick the right Pokemon

As players navigate through the game, they will unlock a huge variety of Pokemon. These monsters will help in managing the café. They will also have their own skills and specialties.

Players will begin with an Eevee that doesn’t have any skills. However, the Pokemon will help recruit and unlock new helpers like Minccino, Charmander, and Snubbull.

Specialties and Skills

Specialties refer to the beverage or food that a certain Pokemon is best at creating. Most Pokemon have unique abilities, such as making sweets and drinks.

Using a Pokemon that has a similar specialty with an ordered item will provide players with combo bonuses.

On the other hand, Pokemon’s skills can only be triggered after matching a particular number of Pokemon. Skills provide bonus effects which usually involve bursting a lot of Pokemon and items all at once.

A Pokemon’s skill differs from each other in terms of the direction of the burst and the radius of the skill. Certain skills burst in circles while some explode on the sides.

Accuracy over speed

Players are only provided with a limited amount of time to match Pokemon together. Any player’s instinct is to rush matching everything as quickly as possible. However, experts suggest not doing this since matching Pokemon faster will make it tougher to pull them all together.

Slowly matching them keeps the icons compact which will allow players to make a path between Pokemon more efficiently. Matching as fast as possible will only fling them apart which makes it difficult to collect them all.

Save Power-ups

Using a power-up can be the deciding factor if players can successfully beat a level. They are powerful but are rare to come across particularly for a free-to-play user. It is best to try a Pokemon Café Mix level first before making use of a power-up. If a player gets lucky, they may end up beating the level effortlessly.

Featured image courtesy of DaddyGamer Fred/YouTube Screenshot

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