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‘Pokémon’: Changes that the anime made from the games


Satisfying a Pokémon fan is not an easy task, as there are many things from the anime that can annoy game fans and vice versa.

Pokémon lovers are always critical about the details included in the game and the anime. It was also impossible to adopt each detail from the anime to the game as it might not settle down with the mainstream media.

All in there, there have been some major changes happening to the real-time battle altering the course of events. Some of the changes are more notable than the others, which makes them important to be pointed out so the differences cannot be overlooked.

The battle takes place in real-time in the anime

If you have seen the Pokémon anime, you can see that the battles occur in real-time. In the game, the battles are played according to players’ leisure time and whenever they are free to launch a spring attack on the attacker.

The game generally forces the players to attack before the opponent can wait and find some time to do the same.

Every single Pokémon has a different identity in the anime

In the game, you won’t find any personality attached to the Pokémons. But in the anime, the Pokémons were much more than just collectibles.

This became more apparent as the advanced generation progressed but was there right from the get-go. Each Pokémon is different than the other while being shy, angry, intelligent, smart, and even moody(like Charizard).

Legendary Pokémons are not common in the game

In the anime, you could have seen the mentioning of legendary Pokémons and even their appearance. Legendary Pokémons are a rare sight to see in the game as you will come across Pikachu, Raichu, or even Squirtle most of the time.

The anime led to Legendary Pokémon in the first episode itself, where Ash and his friends were regularly encountering these Pokémons.

The whole point of view is from Ash Ketchum in the anime

If you have followed the anime, then you would know that the anime starts with Ash being sent to the woods in the pursuit of becoming a Pokémon trainer to defeat Gary. His first-ever Pokémon was Pikachu.

But in the game, there have been multiple protagonists whose journeys have been dispersed to different paths. Depending on the connection to the player, Pokémon battles in the game do not crave out a backstory as Ash has benefited from.

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