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‘Pokemon Coco’ theater release postponed indefinitely due to pandemic


Pokémon Coco isn’t coming to theaters in Japan this summer. The latest film in the franchise was supposed to drop in July.

According to reports, the producers of Pokémon Coco has announced that they will be rescheduling the theatrical release of the movie.

The decision to push back the premiere date is in compliance to the pandemic guidelines provided by the World Health Organization. Everyone is urged to maintain social distancing and to stay at home until further notice.

Theaters all over the world are also advised to stay closed to help stop the spread of the virus.

The official announcement

The announcement first appeared in the official website of Pokémon.

“We have decided to postpone the theatrical release of the movie Pokémon Coco due to the coronavirus outbreak,” it said.

The company also apologized to those who have been looking forward to watching the movie in cinemas. It was supposed to arrive on July 10 in Japan.

But as of now, the company has not decided yet the next release date. They said that they will just inform the fans once a date is confirmed.

The statement then closed with hopes of understanding on the part of those who have been excited to watch it.

Meanwhile, those who have bought the movie tickets in advance do not need to worry. The company is making sure that ticket holders will receive updates on upcoming screenings through SMS or in the official website.

Pokémon the Movie: Coco plot

The postponed film is actually the 23rd film in the series franchise and the third film in the Alternate Timeline series.

It’s a story about a young boy named Coco who is raised by a mythical Pokémon monster called Zarude. Set in the depths of a jungle in the middle of nowhere, there is a place called Okoya Forest.

It’s described as a Pokémon paradise “operating with strict laws.” Outsider are also not allowed to step into this place. But in this forest lies a story untold. It’s a story of a boy raised as a Pokémon monster.

It has that similarity to the famous Tarzan story wherein he was raised by apes. And just like Tarzan, Coco believes that he is also a Pokémon.

He is unaware that he is a human being until he crosses paths with Satoshi and Pikachu. Coco is able to finally make his first human friend. But it also leaves him confused of his identity.

The movie is expected to bring a heartwarming story between a Pokémon and a human, and a father and a son.

Stay tuned for updates on the release date of Pokémon Coco.

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