‘Pokemon Coco’ to premier on Christmas 2020, showcases new trailer

Pokemon Coco trailer snapshot

The Pokemon franchise is getting a new movie in the form of Pokemon Coco and is confirmed for worldwide premier on the Christmas day of 2020. To coincide with the announcement, the movie developer has released a trailer showcasing tidbits on what to expect.

Known for its child- and family-friendly content, Pokemon Coco’s Christmas day debut makes for a special release, especially for the fans. Originally slated for initial launch in July in Japan, the postponement sees Japanese audiences also seeing the movie on the same day.

Continuing a Tradition

Once launched in cinema, the new Pokemon movie makes for the 23rd entry in the franchise’s movies. A trend that sees a new movie in the franchise releasing annually and consistently since 1998.

Last year, however, sees an exception for having launched two movies based on the franchise. Pokemon: Detective Pikachu, a mix between live and CGI, and Mewtwo Strikes Back: Evolution, a full CGI remake of the original, being the two.

Trailer Sneak Peek

Looking into the trailer, it shows that the Pokemon-based movie revolves around a boy bearing the titular name, Coco. A child who, after having left to himself, was found and raised by a fostering Pokemon named Zarude.

Essentially a counterpart of Tarzan, Coco is raised in the wild and adapt to its ways. Living in an uncivilized world throughout his life, Coco’s life was turned upside-down after a fateful event with Ash. Not to put the blame on the trainer protagonist, but the dramatic encounter sets as a catalyst for the movie’s succeeding events.

Throughout the trailer, we also see how Ash and Coco formed a friendship—subsequently causing the former to introduce the latter to civilization, akin to how Jane was to Tarzan. In it shows Coco’s first encounter with a Pokeball, ice cream, and fireworks. Stuff not usually seen in the wild where he grew.

However, as no Pokemon movie is ever complete without its villains, the movie sees the return of Team Rocket. Still in their sinister scheme, the ragtag of anti-heroes is this time, targeting the home of Coco and Zarude. Much to the distaste of the latter, prompting certain actions to go against the evil deed.

A Shiny Pokemon?

Then, there’s also this one big elephant in the room which preceded everything discussed here, so far. It pertains to the pink-colored Celebi, which, as per Pokemon convention, suggests a “shiny” type considering its color variation from the original.

Could the presence of a differently-colored Celebi be more than just a cameo or a hint of something else entirely? It’s a question whose answer we will find out when the movie releases in cinemas this December 25, 2020, worldwide.

Image used courtesy of ポケモン公式YouTubeチャンネル/YouTube Screenshot

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