‘Pokemon Go’: A basic guide in choosing pokemons and strategies

This Pokemon Go guide will help you understand how to be a master at this game and beat the key characters easily.

This gaming guide is for trainers who find themselves struggling to evolve their pokemons and choosing the right ones for battles.

The game is an Augmented Reality game that was released in 2016. It helps players to catch pokemons in their poke balls with the help of their smartphones.

Players just have to place the camera in a location that prompts that a pokemon is visible and play the game by means of AR.

For players who are looking out for general tips to master the practice and art of this game, here is a comprehensive guide for you.

General tips for pokemon

In the game, there are a lot of pokemons that players can have in their possession. However, not every single pokemon have the same characteristic.

While choosing a pokemon for the battle, players need to understand the right type of pokemon who can fight the opponent. For example, a water-type pokemon will be a good pair with an earth-type.

Players can trade their pokemons and get stardust through which they can purchase items from the store and upgrade their pokemons.

Catching and evolving pokemon

One of the major parts of the game is to train all the pokemons. Players can team up with others to take their pokemons out for battles and even hitting the Gyms.

Rare and Legendary pokemons are better as they are already trained and with constant battles can help players to improve their scoreboard.

The best movesets and counters

Every single player should understand all of their pokemons’ movesets and counter-attacks. If a water-type pokemon is battling against a fire-type, then the water-type counter-attack should be to extinguish the flames.

Trainers need to know their pokemon and their best moves which can be used as a counter-attack to the other.

Key characters

Giovanni is the main boss behind Team Rocket. As Jessie and James have always failed him, he is not someone you can take lightly.

If you have seen the anime, then he is the one behind acquiring the Legendary pokemon, Mewtwo

Beating Giovanni and other key characters of the game is tough, and you have to undergo a lot of battles and train your pokemon to be the best before attacking full-on mode.


Image courtesy of GameSpot Trailers/YouTube 

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