‘Pokemon Go’ Abra Community Day pushes through as play-at-home event

After being postponed last month, Pokemon Go’s Community Day goes live. Get the chance to catch a shiny Abra, free in-game items and a whole lot more. 

The Abra Community Day even for Pokemon Go is now here. After being rescheduled last month because of the pandemic, Niantic has found a way to allow players to enjoy the game at the safety of their own home.

Community Day was launched last Saturday, but the developers describe that this event will be different from previously held Community Days.

Shiny Abra

As with previous events, the featured Pokemon will debut its Shiny form inside the game. Abra will spawn at a higher rate in the wild. This means trainers will have more opportunity to catch a wild Shiny Abra.

Catching a Shiny Abra is more difficult than its original form. The common Abra is usually brown and yellowish. In its Shiny form, the color transforms into a washed-out hue. After feeding it enough candy, it will evolve into a pink Alakazam.

Alakazam stats

Abra may be the featured Pokemon but players will want to have its final evolution, Alakazam. This Psychic Pokemon has superb attack stats which is why it is preferred by most trainers.

However, it has very low stamina which is its weakness. It has an overall attack of 271, defense of 167 and stamina of 146.

Exclusive move

An Abra caught during Community Day will learn an exclusive move once it evolves to Kadabra then to Alakazam. For this event, Alakazam will learn a fast-moving attack move called Counter.

The counter is a strong and fast Fighting-type move which gives Pokemon the chance to deal with powerful Pokemon that it may usually have a difficult time battling such as Dark- and Steel-type Pokemon.

Special research

Niantic has made this Community Day special because, for the first time, a special research quest will be available for purchase. The quest titled Investigating Illusions only costs $1(1.55AUD) and cannot be bought via Pokecoins. The rewards of the event will be 13,000 Stardust, 3 Incense, 1 Rocket Radar and 1 Poffin.

Free item code

The promo code came from Twitter after solving a code about the featured Pokemon, Abra. The promo code is: MDWC4SNGUFXS2SW9. Players using an Android device can use the code immediately in-game. However, for IOS users, they will need to do it on their website.

The promo code contains 20 Great Balls and 20 Razzberries. This may not seem enough but these items will allow players to participate in the Pokemon event without leaving home.

Featured image courtesy of The Gamer/Website Screenshot

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