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‘Pokemon GO’ alleged Daily Spawn glitch lets players catch a Shiny Ditto


One Redditor makes a bizarre claim of catching a shiny Ditto after invoking a different shiny Pokemon via Daily Spawn.

Ditto has always been a staple part of Pokemon GO since as early as November 2016. Many players especially loved how versatile the Pokemon is due to its ability to imitate other Pokemon. The thing about this ability, however, is that it sometimes tricks players into thinking they’re getting a different Pokemon altogether, if caught. That is mostly the case to those who are completely oblivious at how Ditto works, particularly among newcomers to the franchise.

Shiny changeling

For a long while, Ditto is among the Pokemon who has yet to get its shiny form. This has been the case until only February 2021, which finally gives players the chance to encounter the Pokemon’s shiny iteration. In particular, during the Kanto Tour event which gives players access to the shape-shifting Pokemon via Special Research Task tickets. Conversely, this also meant that players who didn’t make a purchase of the ticket failed to get a chance to meet a shiny Ditto.

For bona fide Pokemon collectors, that is quite a loss. Shiny Pokemon, after all, are mostly sought after not only for their unique color, but also their overall better stats than their regular counterparts.

But when the probability of catching a shiny Ditto seems forever lost, this month made a surprise by providing ways to catch it again. The keyword, however, is “ways,” which suggest multiple means towards that goal. There are actually two ways to go about it—participate in completing Field Tasks for seven consecutive days or randomly meet it in the wild. The former offers a certain chance of meeting a Ditto, which could be a shiny variant. The latter, however, requires extreme luck to attain as the likelihood for it is slim. And, then, there’s a glitch suspected to be arising from an overlooked mechanics within the Daily Spawn.

Weird bug

Redditor DaRk_ViVi made a post highlighting his weird experience that could’ve gotten him a shiny Drowzee. But turns out to be a shiny Ditto instead. He highlights his observations leading to the bug, one particular interest of which is the mention of the Daily Spawn. Being the first reported issue of its kind, many were baffled in the community.

Niantic has yet to make an official comment on the issue. However, consensus from within Reddit suggests that the bug could be due to faulty mechanics in the Daily Spawn.

Image used courtesy of Pokemon GO

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