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‘Pokemon GO’ bans players for cheating


Pokemon Go is a rigorous game for cheating, so the game is banning players who are practicing the same.

Many Pokemon Go were complaining as they were receiving unwarranted bans from the team as their accounts have been suspended for a said time. Players who were found to commit this offense were facing a seven-day suspension from the team.

Supposedly, a lot of Pokemon Go players are coming out of their ban and just being taken to the next week, 7-days ban. This suspension has made a lot of players miss out on important events such as the Spring Event.

‘Pokemon Go’ unjustly banning most players

Players who are seen from the team’s end as they are cheating are being banned. Niantic has currently developed an apparent policy when it comes to cheating within the game.

The game developers have shared that the game follows and agrees on no injustice acts of cheating as it might cause the violation of the company’s policies. This is based on a three-strike system which is set off by the team.

The first strike is sent as a potential warning in Pokemon Go to all players who are found guilty of the practice. The first strike can even ban a player for 7-days. The second strike on the same account will ban the player’s account for more than a month.

And the third offense means that the cheater’s account will be permanently banned from the game. It even complies that the person who will be facing the third ban in Pokemon Go will not be able to play the game anymore.

How often do players cheat in the game?

Given the three-day strike system of Pokemon Go, it is hard for players to even get to the second offense. Many players love the game Pokemon Go, and they would not file to any extent that might ban them from playing this game permanently.

According to Niantic’s new report, about 90% of the people who received the first ban have not gone to the second suspension. Now in Pokemon Go, players might get continuous suspension that might prevent them from playing the game.

A majority of players who have got the suspension have spoofed throughout the game. Spoofing is when the player can disguise their actual location and use a fake GPS or even a VPN. Many players have taken to Reddit and shared how they got banned from playing Pokemon Go.

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