‘Pokemon GO’ celebrates 5th birthday with a $5 billion total revenue

Pokemon GO 5th Anniversary trailer

Today marks Pokemon GO’s five-year stint in the business since being launched back in July 6, 2016. But more than its staying power, it has just reached another milestone through a $5 billion income, to date.

It has been five-long years since Pokemon GO initially took the world by storm. Being the first game of its kind, the mobile title was popular for its ARG mechanics, which taps on modern technology.

Its appeal applies not only for the prominence of the franchise it represents, but also the way it’s played. Primarily, by being the first game to encourage people to be on foot and exploring outdoors while glued to their mobile devices.

Pros Outweigh the Cons

Although there had been controversies with the mobile game, those had been issues that were completely new. Ones that the game’s developer Niantic may have overlooked as much as the community engaged in its game. Typically, they involve accidents and other related incidences that are only possible when someone is outdoors.

However, those were mostly only hiccups that both Niantic and the entire community have subsequently addressed. So much so that the ARG has continued to burgeon throughout the years. This was not including the problems with COVID-19, which is altogether a unique trouble on its own to deal with. Yet, too, was something the developers had to work around with.

Of course, there also no overlooking the fact that it also faced issues it simply cannot resolve. Such as those instances where the game was prohibited in certain regions due to social implications. But, nonetheless, it thrives in areas where it is allowed to grow. Particularly, in its home court—the United States of America.

Lucrative Business

While popularity may be a strong benchmark for a title’s mainstay, for Pokemon GO, it’s also about money. Which, to date, currently is at a total of $5 billion. This is hardly surprising, considering the game has been sitting at the top of the earning charts throughout its lifetime. Even during the pandemic where lockdown is a thing, the game still managed to make sales through creative ways.

A good portion of the entire lumpsum comes from players in the USA. Which, as it appears, takes $1.9 billion of the money pool. Interestingly, Android takes a little more than half of the percentage that makes the game some money at 52 percent.

With Niantic not showing an unwavering commitment the game’s development, Pokemon GO players would still have long walks ahead of them.

Image used courtesy of Pokemon Asia ENG/YouTube Screenshot

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