‘Pokemon Go’ Community Day returns next week featuring Weedle

Pokemon Go Community Day returns this month featuring the monster Weedle. Niantic has announced new bonuses for the coming event.

June’s Pokemon Go Community Day is coming next week. The monthly celebration will be held on June 20, 2020. Similar to the past Pokemon Go Community Days, Niantic is adjusting some features of the event to make it easier for players to join even when they are under home quarantine.

Featured Pokemon

During last month’s Community Day, the developers gave their players the opportunity to pick on who will be the next featured Pokemon. After some serious discussion and a strong social media campaign, two winners were declared.

It was agreed that Weedle would take over the Community Day for June while Ghastly would be for July. The Bug/Poison Pokemon will be appearing in the wild more often during June’s Community Day. It will be a great opportunity for players to earn a lot of Weedle candies.

In addition, players will also have the chance to encounter and catch Weedle’s shiny form in the game. The chance of a shiny Pokemon showing are rare, but the increased spawn rate during the event should help players find one with enough patience.

Featured move

Every creature featured in a Pokemon Go Community Day also gets an exclusive move once they reach their final evolution during the event. For June, the exclusive move is a Ground-type attack called Drill Run. Evolving Weedle into a Beedrill within the Community Day will let it automatically learn the move.

It affects any Weedle or Kakuna which evolves during the event, even if they were caught before the Community Day.

Date and time

Like the past Community Days that were affected by the global pandemic, June’s Community Day will be running for six hours instead of the normal three. The Pokemon Go Community Day for June will be on June 20, 2020, and will run from 11 AM to 5 PM in local time.

It means players will have until 7 PM to evolve their Weedles and Kakunas into a Beedrill that can learn Drill Run.

Other event bonuses

Niantic is also giving several bonuses to all players who will participate in Community Day. Players can receive 3x Stardusts every time they catch a Pokemon during the event. Aside from this, incenses used during the event will last for three hours instead of the usual 30 minutes.

There will also be an exclusive Pokemon Go Community Day bundle available in the in-game store. The bundle contains one Elite Charge TM, three Star Pieces, three Incenses, and 30 Ultra Balls.

Featured image courtesy of The Trainer Club/Youtube Screenshot


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