‘Pokemon GO’ Community Day: September and October voting lineup released

Pokemon GO Community Day: September and October voting lineup released

Niantic has released the lineup for the next Pokemon GO Community Day voting. Winners of the poll will be penned for September and October events.

The Pokemon GO Community Day event for August just wrapped up last weekend, with Magikarp being the featured Pokemon. The last ballot casting happened in May for the June and July CD events, which happened to be Weedle and Gastly, respectively.

Niantic decided to bring back the democracy of its Trainers in electing the next featured Pokemon for the game’s monthly Community Day events.

Pokemon GO Community Day candidates

Based on the tweet announcement, the candidates for September and October are:

  • Charmander
  • Caterpie
  • Grimer
  • Porygon

Unfortunately, other details about the event were left out, as Niantic only said: “More details soon!” This includes the exact day for voting or what event moves will the mentioned Pokemons have.

Earlier this year, the voting for the June and July CD event happened on the 23rd until the 24th of May and the official tally was announced the following day on the 25th. If the same timeline would apply, then trainers have enough time to discuss as to which of the four will be more beneficial to their PvP gameplay.

Pokemon GO Community Day: Best bets

So far, most of the Pokemon GO community is shouting for Charmander and Porygon. For one, the shiny for Porygon is extremely rare, so this would be a great opportunity for the many to finally add one to their collection.

Others are excited as to what new move set will Niantic give to Charmander who will eventually evolve as Charizard. However, Charmander already had its spotlight in a Community Day event back in 2018.

So there is a fighting chance for Grimer to come in second. Caterpie does have an equal fighting chance, as Forbes sense more support for this Bug-type Pokémon than the Grimer. Most probably due to its shiny Buterfree wherein its shiny is Pink.

It is worth noting as well that both Grimer and Caterpie already have their Shiny forms out in the wild. Early bets do bring Grimer to fourth place, but it’s still early to set anything in stone.

Grimer does have an Alolan Muk evolution, per the publication, and that might just push the Poison-type Pokemon to a higher place in the poll.

It is indeed a tough decision to make and Niantic may have given its trainers ample time to do necessary campaigning to assure the Pokemon of their choosing wins the poll.

Featured image courtesy of Pokemon GO


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