‘Pokemon Go’ event offers challenges for players

Partner up with Pokemon and fill-up the Pokedex with the latest event from ‘Pokemon Go’.

The viral game Pokemon Go has launched its most recent event, Buddy Up, which lets fans use the game’s buddy Pokemon system to catch other monsters.

While players will be joining the event because of the bonuses related to their particular buddy Pokemon, the event will also provide attendees the chance to catch exclusive Pokemon. These elusive Pokemons can only be caught from a specific part of the globe before.

The Pokemon Go Buddy Up event will run from starting April 20 and end on April 27 at 10:00pm local time.

The Buddy Up event

Playing together with buddy Pokemon during the event will unlock special gifts such as candies, hearts and items picked up by Pokémon buddies. During the event, all requirements for getting candies and hearts will be halved.

Buddy Pokemons will also have increased chances of picking up items during the event. The chances of getting a rare Pokemon from a 5-kilometer egg will also be improved.

Players will be able to join in the event while observing social distancing thanks to improvements made by developers to Pokemon Go.

Buddy Up research tasks

The event will host new field research tasks with exclusive rewards. Here are the specific tasks and their rewards:

  • Give buddy Pokemon a treat – Receive Alolan Meowth
  • Take a photo of buddy Pokemon – Receive Volbeat
  • Play with buddy Pokemon – Receive Illumise
  • Earn a candy while walking with buddy Pokemon – Receive Woobat

Catching shiny Pokemon

Illumise and Volbeat are common Pokemon from the Nintendo-released Pokemon games. However, in Pokemon Go, they are region-exclusive and can only be caught in certain parts of the globe.

During the Buddy Up event, both rare Pokemon will show up in the game no matter where the player is. This gives players the chance to get these Pokemon they won’t usually encounter in their area.

Additionally, both Illumise and Volbeat will appear in their Shiny Forms in the duration of the event. Both Pokemon will also be available as rewards for finishing Research Tasks.

Other event bonuses

Here are the other in-game bonuses players can get by participating in the event:

  • Buddy Pokemon has more chances of giving a gift
  • Buddy Pokemon is easier to get excited
  • Feeding buddy Pokemon will make it join players in the map longer
  • Receive twice XP when evolving Pokemon

Featured image courtesy of Niantic/Website Screenshot

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