‘Pokemon GO’ Fest 2021 event rewards Android users free stuff, YouTube premium

Pokemon GO Fest 2021 official promotional art

Pokemon GO has announced Google Play as an official sponsor to its summer event, Pokemon GO Fest 2021. For it, Android users who will be participating in the event are in for some free giveaways.

It’s that time of the year again where Pokemon GO-ers all over the globe celebrate a once-a-year occasion. A tradition since the very first GO Fest back in 2017, this year marks the fifth of the same. Not only does this show the ARG’s staying power, but also reflects the franchise’s longstanding presence. Specifically, for being a part of the entertainment industry for 25 fruitful years.

While the said events leading up to this year have each been special, 2021 vies to be the same. But with the pandemic from last year still ongoing, a similar situation from GO Fest 2020 is expected. Primarily, this meant conducting the goings-on in a virtual manner, along with some music that fits a 25th-anniversary celebration theme.

Generous Sponsor

To make this momentous 2021 event fruition, Niantic is tying up with Google Play as its sponsor. Making an official statement on the notion is a blog which highlights many of the details surrounding the event.

Not beating around the bush, the blog summarizes what interested parties can expect as a result of the collaboration. Which, as it appears, mainly involves freebies—for the Android users in the bunch, especially. This should come relatively unsurprising knowing that Google Play is the same force that powers the Android ecosystem.

The Free Goodies

Players need not have to wait for the actual event for the giveaways to kick in. For eligible Pokemon GO users, this can be as early as prior, with them getting a three-month free subscription to YouTube Premium. This means three-long months of ad-free access to both the streaming site YouTube and YouTube Music.

For a full week beginning July 12, 2021, Google Play subscribers are also entitled to a 4x Google Play Points multiplier. That is, within the context of purchases for the game, including tickets to the event. In addition, there will also be coupons that users can take advantage of for better deals.

During the actual Pokemon GO Fest 2021, on July 17th, a Sponsored Gift will roll out specifically for eligible Android users. The gift will comprise items that are usable only to the recipient, including an incense, a special incubator, and 30 Ultra Balls.

Considering the inherent risks of participation, especially during a pandemic, Niantic is advising everyone to be prudent during the event.

Image used courtesy of Pokemon GO

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