‘Pokemon Go Fest 2021’: Tips and preparation guide for players


Pokemon Go Fest 2021 is here, and players can take a look at the preparation guide to follow!

For the fifth anniversary of the series, the game makers have decided to include a fest called the Pokemon Go Fest.

The fest consists of different raids and ways through which players can get their hands on legendary Pokemons. So if you are an avid fan of the game and want to have a lot of Pokemons on your Pokedex, then here is your chance.

What are the events of the fest?

The Pokemon Go Fest will come up in just over a week, and then more players will be able to join and participate in the match, thanks to the discounted ticket that the players can use.

There is a lot of bonus that Niantic has offered to the fans and has said that it is a token of appreciation towards the players from the team as they have shown their support to the game and have played it for so many years.

In other words, if put together, then Niantic is planning for some brilliant catches which can be lined up and through which players will be able to get the exclusive Pokemons in the game.

What type of Pokeballs is going to appear in the fest?

One of the main things that players are asking for is the Pokeballs, and which types of Pokeballs will be included right into the game.

For example, if players have opted for the Pokemon Go Fest, they can get their hands on different Delux and Platinum Pokeballs. In terms of getting the Pokeballs, people can get together in the form of gathering, and right from there, and they can have various balls.

It is more like assembling all in front of a Pokestop. Niantic has said that the developers are working towards something exciting that can come towards the players’ way, especially if they take part in the Pokemon Go Fest.

There are going to be many adventure boxes that will help players take a proper track and avail themselves of a ton of discounts and offers in the game.

Are there going to be mini raids?

About the Pokemons, well, the developers have said that there will be mini raids throughout the entire Fest. These mini raids will help players get a glimpse over various types of Pokemons that will invade the match.

Players will be offered various revives and potions through which they can get a decent amount of Pokemons right on their hands.

Even if there are stops and gyms and the players have to battle, then the revives are the best resources for charging a Pokemon.

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