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‘Pokemon Go’ field research tasks for June


Despite the limitations caused by the pandemic, Niantic has been pretty busy with giving players new ways to enjoy Pokemon GO. It has even readied the Field Research Tasks for June that players should prepare for.

A lot is going to happen in Pokemon GO this month. Aside from events, players also have the new set of Field Research Tasks to look forward to. Before we go on with the set of tasks for this month, let’s talk about what these are first.

Field Research Tasks are different from Special Research questlines. For starters, players will have to go to a PokeStop instead of Professor Willow if they want to get a task. Upon getting to a PokeStop, the players will be getting one task that is set for the month.

The tasks vary, and it can include catching a specific Pokemon, winning a Raid, and more. Without further ado, here are the most important tasks for this month.

June Field Research Tasks

For catching tasks, players should eye for getting the “Catch 5/10 Pokemon with Weather boost.” This Field Research Task will reward them with Poliwag or Vulpix encounter; 200 Stardust, three Razz Berries, one Pinap Berry, or five Poke Balls for the lesser variant. For the catching 10 Pokemon tasks, the rewards are 500 Stardust, six Razz Berries, two Pinap Berries, or five Great Balls

For Battling Tasks in Pokemon GO, players will simply need to finish a few Raids. One Raid rewards players with a Marshtomp Encounter while five rewards them with an Aerodactyl encounter. Finishing a level three or higher Raid will bag players a Kabuto or Omanyte encounter. Lastly, players can get a Rhyhorn encounter when they win the Go Battle League.

Throwing Tasks are more or less about making Great Throws when using a Pokeball. Some of the rewards include encounters with Spinda, Larvitar, Onix, and Voltorb.

For Hatching Tasks, players simply have to catch a hatch a single egg for a Palpitoad encounter.

Miscellaneous tasks include transferring 3 Pokemon, trading a Pokemon, and evolving a Pokemon, and more. Some of the rewards include a Numel, Swinub, Eevee encounter, and more.

For Buddy Tasks, the three are earning five hearts with a buddy, give a buddy three treats, and earn three candies while walking with a buddy. Rewards include 3 Pinap Berries, a Wooper encounter, and a Stunfisk encounter.

A little reminder

The first Field Research Task that a player completes in Pokemon GO will be rewarded with a stamp. Seven of these will get players a Research Breakthrough, which unlocks more rewards, including a special Pokemon.

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