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‘Pokémon Go’ friendship day event is all about grass-type Pokémon


Pokemon Go founders Niantic have shared their plan for Friendship Day.

One of the best things that Niantic has done for the Pokemon Go players is to bring Grass-Type Pokemons for the upcoming Friendship Day.

A new Pokemon Go event is surging the game right now. Players can get Grass-Type Pokemons in this event as they are gearing up for the match. The mobile augmented reality-based game lets every single player catch Pokemons on a real-world basis.

Since the game has been released, it has received a lot of appreciation from the players.

The new event is something new

The new event of Pokemon Go for Friendship Day is something new that the players will see. 2021 has been a huge year for Niantic as they celebrated an anniversary recently.

The developers have marked saying that every single day they are working towards the improvement of the game. To commemorate, Niantic has celebrated a ton of events and reward points for players to gather throughout.

Pokemon Go is going to have their seasonal event called the Sprint Event, where players are entitled to catch specific Pokemons. Even rare Pokemons are something that players can find in the specific events which are launched by the team.

The brand new event which is going to be hosted is called the Rival’s Week. Here players of Pokemon Go can find all type of Pokemons which have long-standing rivalries.

The upcoming event will feature Grass-Type Pokemons

Niantic has announced that the upcoming event for Pokemon Go will feature every single Grass-Type of Pokemons in the game.

This is an opportunity for all players who play with their friends. They can collect their reward and referral and get extra points. This event features a friendship between players. It shows that players can receive Lucky Pokemons which they can trade-off with their friends.

The special Friendship Day challenges will help all players to grab amazing offers. There is no other information available for the event.

Guess all Pokemon Go players now have to wait for the event to begin to understand. Pokemon Go Friendship Day even will start on the 24th of April. Players are asked to wait for the opportunity that is coming to knock on their doors.

The new event is taking more of an empathetic side as it can help every player score maximum points, especially if those players are playing with their friends.

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