‘Pokemon Go’ have managed to stay relevant throughout the years: How?

Pokemon Go is one of the most popular games which still has not lost its relevance.

Pokemon Go is going to turn five years old, and even after so many years, the game has still held its relevance over the years. As fans have been seen flocking around the app for a long period, they have said that the game’s content is popular.

How has the game managed to stay relevant over the years?

Right from the start, the game still has its relevance towards the top due to some contributions made by notable fans and what appears to be a whole lot of profit.

Collectively the game has made a lot from the list of promotions and the fans’ enthusiasm over the series. Pokemon Go has made around $5 billion since the launch of the game in early 2016.

This means a proper average of around a billion dollars per year, according to a report collected from the Sensor Tower analytics. When the game was first launched, the most important aspect of the game was based on AI and how it can help a player to catch a Pokemon while pointing the camera towards it in real life.

Niantic has proposed a new format for players

The game, which started as a viral sensation, stayed relevant over the years and has started strong and still following the same.

Sensor Tower has proclaimed that the game has made players spent around $1.3 billion in 2020. The revenue has been made in particular in this year because of the lockdown which happened, and a lot of people were forced to stay back home and utilize different places around their home and even go outside to catch.

Niantic has released many reasons because of the number of dollars that it has counted since the release of Pokemon Go. The new event of the game is going to be at the ceremony of the fifth anniversary.

What is the new event all about?

There are new updates which are being released by Niantic as the company has made sure that the game has a short distance for catching Pokemons while they can be at the comfort of their safe space and don’t have to walk miles so that they can hatch eggs or catch the exotic breeds of Pokemons.

The game even got a recent shout-out from Miyamoto as well.

The event that will happen for the fifth anniversary will be held as a music-themed session, and admission might vary from $5 to $10.

Image courtesy of (292) Pokémon GO Dev Insights: GO Battle League – YouTube

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