‘Pokemon GO’ hints of Gen VI Pokemon arrival through fourth anniversary artwork

Pokemon GO 4th Year Anniversary Artwork

In celebration of its fourth year anniversary, Pokemon GO displays an artwork that insinuates a small list of upcoming Pokemon from X and Y.

Dubbed the Gen VI, the games were particularly notable for their new Pokemon, regular and legendaries alike.

Gen VI Starters

Players who first transitioned Gen VI were first introduced to starter Pokemons, Chespin, Fennekin, or Froakie and their subsequent evolutions.

There are also dozens and dozens of other Pokemons, too. Ranging between common and rare that players had to catch in order to live up to the series’ main goal of “catching ‘em all.”

Then, there are the legendaries that have been a signature cover to every installment in the game since Gen II.

Fresh Faces

The image Niantic showed is by no means complete in telling which Pokemon from Gen VI gets in or not. However, there are indeed some familiar Pokemon that give away the thought.

Two of the aforementioned starter Pokemon from Gen VI being front and center while Fennekin being less obvious due to tricky positioning. You would have to look at the upper-right corner, stuck with the Pikachu balloons, to see the stated Pokemon.

While looking at Fennekin, one can also see Victini, a Gen V legendary, at almost the same area.

Pokemon GO 4th Year Anniversary Artwork

Aside from new Pokemons that are about to make their way into Pokemon GO, there is also another hint in the picture. To those who are up-to-speed with the previous announcement for the game, they’d already know that the “Megavolution” is coming to the game.

That one announcement is already confirmation enough that it is indeed arriving to Pokemon Go. The visual depiction in the art, shown by Lucario mid-transformation and an already Mega evolved Charizard, is only a reminder to the fact.

To the unaware, Mega evolution is also a feature first introduced in Gen VI. Essentially, making it a signature trait of that generation.

Hold Your Horses

As exciting as the idea of seeing an expanded roster of monsters to catch in Pokemon GO, it pays to keep patience in check. Knowing how Niantic works when it comes to reveals, the rollout of its promises are rarely ever fast.

Recall that on a similar time last year, Niantic teased what appears to be the entry of Gen V’s starters. Only to see it not happening until September. Considering the pace at how the developer functions, we can expect to see a similar thing with this latest teaser.

Image used courtesy of Pokemon GO

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