‘Pokemon Go’: How to evolve your Eevee

Pokemon Go: How to evolve your Eevee

Pokemon Go has been out for four years now. Despite that, not everyone is familiar with evolving Eevee.

Eevee is one of the fan favorites ever since the first Pokemon games. The main reason is its ability to evolve into several forms. Pokemon Go also implemented this evolution mechanic.

Pokemon Go has added seven evolutions for Eevee in the game. Trainers may evolve Eevee to the classic trio of Flareon, Vaporeon, and Jolteon. The other evolutions include Umbreon, Espeon, Leafeon, and Glaceon.

With that being said, here are some tips on evolving Eevee.

Pokemon Go has seven Eevee evolutions available

1. The name trick still works

Players discovered years ago that renaming a captured Eevee can determine its evolution. However, it is a one-trick pony. This means that it can only be used once. All succeeding evolutions are random.

Here are the nicknames in order to evolve Eevee.

  • Jolteon – Sparky
  • Flareon – Pyro
  • Vaporeon – Rainer
  • Umbreon – Tamao
  • Espeon – Sakura
  • Leafeon – Rea
  • Glaceon – Rea

The trick works simply by changing the Eevee’s nickname. Evolve an Eevee through candies. Watch it evolve to the desired evolution after.

Just be careful in picking a nickname. Make sure that it is a 100% decision as it is only usable once. It is also nice to use this trick to an Eevee with max stats.

2. Espeon and Umbreon may not be random at all

If the nickname trick is already used, there is still an option to have Espeon and Umbreon. Previous Pokemon games have a mechanic that involves the time of the day when evolving Eevee. This mechanic applies to Pokemon Go as well.

However, there are extra steps that need to be done before evolving at a certain time of the day.

First, add Eevee as a buddy Pokemon and make sure that it has discovered two berries while playing.

The next step is simply evolving the Pokemon. Take note that doing this at night yields Umbreon. Espeon is achieved during the day.

Eevee evolutions

3. Leafeon and Glaceon has some tricks as well

Evolving an Eevee to Leafeon and Glaceon is quite similar to Espeon and Umbreon.

Players must have an Eevee with 25 candies. After securing 25 candies, players must obtain a Mossy Lure or a Glacial Lure.

The Mossy Lure attracts grass type Pokemons while the Glacial Lure attracts ice type Pokemons.

The next step requires players to put the corresponding lure on a PokeStop. Once it is done, evolve the Pokemon while on the vicinity of the said PokeStop.

Pokemon Go has one more “Eeveelution” missing

There are a total of eight possible evolutions for Eevee. However, Pokemon Go has not added the latest one yet.

Pokemon Go currently has the first three generations of Pokemon from the consoles. Niantic has teased that generation IV Pokemons are arriving soon.

But, the latest Eeveelution, Slyveon does not see action until generation VI. This means that it might take a while before players can evolve into the fairy type Pokemon.

There are speculations that generation V and VI will arrive next year. Though there are no confirmations for this one yet.

Pokemon Go has been around for four years now. It had a massive start but the player base declined as the hype died out. Hopefully, the addition of gen V and VI Pokemons may attract more players soon.

Images used courtesy of Jack B, David Grandmougin/Unsplash, Pokedex/Pokemon 

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