‘Pokemon Go’: Know more about the psychic pokemon Elgyem

Pokemon Go players are recently asking the question of how to catch psychic pokemons like Elgyem. To help them, we found some answers.

Pokemon Go is known to make a lot and consistent changes to the previous game. Because of the changes that are taking place, players are asking developers to help them catch new pokemons, which are being added to the game.

If you have heard about the new pokemon Elgyem, then it is a psychic-type pokemon that players want to have. The makers have been adding a certain number of new pokemons to the game, and they are loving the player’s curiosity.

Thus, we have managed to find out everything that you need to know about this psychic-type pokemon. This information helps to answer questions such as what Elgyem does. Also, how can you catch Elgyem?

What is this pokemon, and how can you catch it?

Elgyem is a psychic-type. Players need to specifically look for this pokemon as the developers have recently added the Enigma week. In this week’s launch, players can get Elgyem in abundance.

But since Enigma week is coming to an end, there is no guarantee if players can still find this pokemon.

If you want to catch this pokemon, then you need to visit a couple of a number of places before you finally have it. Apart from this, here is some additional information that might come in handy.

  • Max CP: 1566
  • Attack: 148
  • Defense: 100
  • Stamina: 146

Does Elgyem evolve?

Yes, Elgyem is popular water and psychic-type that will evolve into Beheeyem. You will mostly find this pokemon in the regions of Unova. 

The counter-attacks which can be used on Elgyem to defeat it are the bug, dark, or even ghost-type moves from which it can be powered out in a battle.

Here are the best movesets of Elgyem.

  • Confusion + Psychic
  • Astonish + Psychic
  • Confusion + Dark Pulse
  • Confusion + Psybeam
  • Astonish + Dark Pulse
  • Astonish + Psybeam

Developers are constantly working on the game

Apart from all these, it is said that the developers are constantly working on the game to help improve player’s performance and also enhance bugs.

The recently added feature of the game helps fans all types of questions to the developers and from where they can know what is happening behind the scene. The game has managed to gather around $1 billion in the first 10 months of 2020.


Image courtesy of Joe Hammer Gaming/YouTube Screenshot

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