‘Pokemon Go’ Landorus Event extends for another week, adds Pokecoin bundle

Legendary Pokemon Landorus will still be available on Pokemon Go for another week. This gives players until April 28 to catch it.

Niantic posted on Twitter that the currently running Legendary Raid boss event for Landorus will extend for another week.

Landorus, the Guardian of Fields and Abundance Pokemon, is a rare Pokemon introduced in the game series. It is one of the masters of the forces of nature including Tornadus and Thundurus.

Landorus is registered in the Pokedex as a Ground/Flying type Pokemon that has alternate forms. However, only its Incarnate Forme is available in Pokemon Go.Players will have another week to try and capture this legendary Pokemon. The raid will end on April 28, 2020 at 6AM ACT.

In addition, Pokecoin bundles will be available for purchase and will be released weekly in the game. The bundle for this week contains 50 Great Balls which players can buy for just one Pokecoin.

For players who are itching to get their hands on this Pokemon, follow this guide on how to battle and catch Landorus.

Finding Landorus

The best way to encounter Landorus in Pokemon Go is to do raids on 5-star gyms. However, with the current COVID-19 pandemic, it would be difficult to travel to these gyms.

The good news is, developers have temporarily increased the distance on how a player could interact with gyms. In addition, they are also planning to release an option where players can do raids at home.

Aside from raids, Landorus will also be accessible as a reward for joining the Go Battle League. Players will have a chance of catching the legendary Pokemon once they achieve rank 4 in PvP mode.

It is required that players have traveled at least 5-kilometers before players can join the Go Battle League. However, Niantic has cancelled this restriction because of the current situation.

Countering Landorus

Landorus is classified as a Ground/Flying Pokemon. This unique classification means that Pokemon that have leverage against Flying-types only deal normal damage to this Pokemon.

Likewise, Grass Pokemons which are usually strong against Ground-types will only deal normal damage to Landorus because of its Flying attribute.

However, the legendary Pokemon is devastatingly weak to Ice-type moves. Players can use Pokemon such as Glaceon or Weavile when trying to catch it. Water Pokemon such as Gyarados and Kyogre also have an advantage over Landorus. These Pokemon are the best weapons for a chance of defeating and catching the legendary Pokemon.

Featured image courtesy of Niantic/Website Screenshot

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