‘Pokemon Go’: Learn about Azumarill, one of the cutest Pokemons

Pokemon Go Azumarill is a cute Pokemon that can be used to defeat a lot of attacks from your enemies in a match.

Pokemon Go has been a really popular game as a lot of people find the game interesting due to the additional Pokemons in the game and the virtue of Augmented Reality.

First released in the year 2016, this game lets you catch all the Pokemons when you go out on a walk and find Pokemons through the lens of your smartphone.

Post this, Azumarill is one of the cutest Pokemons you will find on this game.

How to catch Azumarill

In this section, we will give you the complete stats of Azumarill in the game. If you want to defeat this Pokemon or even if you want to catch this Pokemon on your collection, then these stats will help you in your journey.

Because of these stats, your efforts will become worth it, and catching this Pokemon will be just an idea to implement later on. Azumarill is basically a Water and a Fairy-type Pokemon.

It is completely vulnerable to the attacks of Poison, Electric and Grass move. Azumarill in Pokemon Go has a max CP of about 1588. In the Poke-ball, you will find one interesting fact about Azumarill.

Azumarill has some of the most indispensable sensors that help it catch every single and slightest hint with the help of its long ears. By focusing on its hearing, Azumarill can defeat all the counter moves against it and help itself to be freed from situations.

Base stats

  • Attack, 112.
  • Defense, 152.
  • Stamina, 225.

Max CP

  • Level 15, Research encounters. 680.
  • Level 20, Max hatched/raids. 907.
  • Level 30, Max wild. 1361.
  • Level 40, 1588.

The shape of the Pokemon

Azumarill is a blue and oval-bodied Pokemon. This is what makes it such a cute collection to your index. The lower half of its body is completely white with a white bubble-like pattern that can camouflage into the water.

One of the best and the cutest feature of Azumarill is that it has long rabbit-like ears which can help it to feed off the sensors which are coming near it.

It has both arms and feet, which are short and have rounded ends. Azumarill even has a black zigzagging tail with a blue tip on the end.

If you wish to catch Azumarill, you can use any Grass Pokemon to produce a counter move against it as it will be defeated really quickly.


Image courtesy of AnwJoeGames/YouTube Screenshot

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