Pokemon Go: Luminous Legends Y event announcement and its comprehensive guide

With the arrival of Destruction Pokémon Yveltal, the new event is up here for all the Pokemon Go players.

The recent announcement done on Pokemon Go is coming in with a recent arrival of the collection of better Pokemons in the series. Legendary Pokemon Yveltal will soon be making its debut in this game as players are gearing up for the match of the series.

In the Luminous Legends Y event, Dark-type Pokemon will also be appearing more often in the wild. This means that players will get a chance to gather the opportunity to capture Pancham, who will be hatching in the wild from strange eggs.

However, it seems that the Team Rocket has got wind of the Legendary Pokemon, so players have to keep an eye on their arrival during the match point so that they can defeat them and then start on their adventure to capture this beast.

Alert: Team Rocket have already started their raid

Team Rocket has been appeared to plan on turning their Pokemon into Shadow Pokemons during the first week of the Luminious Event so that players have to help save those Shadow Pokemons ASAP!

Some further reports show that the developers have shared that Team Rocket grunts will be changing up their battle strategies for the new game and event. Players might encounter some specialize in different Pokemon types than in the past, and multiple Team Rocket grunts may event challenge players at once.

During the second week of the Luminious Event, the focus will shift to Fairy Type Pokemon like Eevee. This is exactly because Sylevon will be making its debut in the game. It is an intertwining Pokemon as an evolution of Eevee, first discovered in the Kalos Region.

This new event is going to be big

Pokemon Go team members have been informed that the match will be a blockbuster, and players have to gear up for a thrilling ride to catch all the Luminous Pokemon for the series. Players will be part of the five-star raids because the Legendary Pokemon Yveltel is making its first debut in the match.

The Dark and Flying Pokemon, which was first discovered in the Kalos region and its wing and tail feathers spread wide, glows in an ominous red. These amazing Pokemon have all the power and feature to absorb the life force of living creatures.

During the duration of the event, this Pokemon will remain a part of the five-star raids so that players can grab a chance and not lose their opportunity to catch them all. Players can even unlock rewards for the second half of the event for the game to be played.


Image courtesy of RaZzi/YouTube

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