‘Pokemon Go’: Niantic lets players add 400 players on their friendlist

Pokemon Go is one of the most ingenious games as the makers have added an option to include more friends in your gameplay.

Pokemon Go app’s latest update can let players add around 400 friends to their list as per Niantic. Pokemon Go is one of the most famous games as a lot of players are signing up for it.

This game which started as an Augmented Reality game right in 2016, has garnered attention from the media in recent times.

To coincide with the launch of the referral feature in Pokemon Go, Niantic says that the app has worked on the friend list option, and now players can add more, around 400 players on their list. This system is being done because of the referral feature of the game, which has become a hot topic.

How does the referral system work?

The referral feature of the game allows players to add their friends to their games and lets them share the coupon codes upon which players can avail benefits and rewards while playing the match.

Previously, players could only add around 200 players to their friend list, but the developers have doubled the count as of now.

On a recent blog post which was posted on the official account of the company, it read that the referrals are something that the developers were working on for a long time. So right now, it helps everyone to gather some benefits once they have signed up for the game.

This is part of Niantic’s move as they are trying to gather more players for the match so that they can interact with other players and which are the active ones.

More players can join the group

With the referral system, the bonuses appear for those people who are looking forward to joining the game as a beginner. For example, if a player is already a Pokemon Go player and they have got themself a referral code, then they can offer the same to their friend for their sign-up.

Once their friend signs up for the game, they can use the referral bonus and collect reward points later on in the game. Bonus points are not the only thing that can help players in the match.

There are hidden tasks and activities which the players can do on a daily basis to collect more Stardust for Pokeballs evolution.

With a limit of about 400 players into the game, it has become easier for players to invite more of their friends and join them in their adventures while interacting easily while playing matches or going against each other.


Image courtesy of EGO ELITE/YouTube Screenshot

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