‘Pokemon Go’ on HoloLens gives a peek at how the future would look

Niantic shows a demo version of how players can play Pokemon Go on the HoloLens 2 by not having to use their phone.

What if you could play Pokemon Go without holding your phone? How convenient would that be? This amazing new version of Pokemon Go, with the help of HoloLens, can help you to battle your friends anywhere you are, no matter which corner of the world.

Microsoft Ignite holds a conference, hosting the game on HoloLens

Microsoft Ignite took to the conference and said that the game can now be played on HoloLens. The demo was powered with the help of Microsoft’s mesh platform. It is an easy way for all developers to create their own collaborative visual spaces.

Pokemon Go demo shows us how the mesh can be used to play the game and then socialize with other players too. But there is a catch.

The demo is actually a concept that is still in the works. It is not something actually running on HoloLens 2, but it is surely a sign of what will come next.

HoloLens helps players to understand what is happening around, all in the real world. As Hanke showed the demo, he was seen holding a strawberry in his hand and feeding it. As he walked around, he could even catch a glimpse of all the wild pokemons strolling around.

How did the demo work?

The demo typically shows how players can use the HoloLens to catch pokemons and feed them berries, ahead of a typical gym battle that is happening with another contender. There is a section present in the Lens that helps players tap into the game.

John Hanke, the CEO, and founder of Niantic, said,

“While this demo is not intended for any type of consumer use, it is surely a glimpse of what is going to be present in the future evolution of both software and hardware.”

Hanke appeared as a part of the Mesh launch at the Microsoft Ignite conference. Microsoft Mesh is powered by Azure. It is a new way through which developers can be encouraged to make more mixed reality gaming apps.

With Microsoft Mesh’s help, a lot of geographically disturbed teams will have more collaborative meetings and even conduct better virtual design sessions.

People who are using the mesh for the first time will initially express themselves with the help of avatars and share virtual experiences.


Image courtesy of Around The Clock/YouTube 

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