‘Pokemon GO’ players will be mega evolving their pocket monsters soon

Pokemon GO Mega Evolution Reveal Snapshot

The Pokemon Company had just launched a 15-minute video campaign showcasing what is to come in the franchise. Making one of the highlights of the reveal is Pokemon GO which is revealed for a major feature update: the mega evolution.

Hosting the said program is The Pokemon Company’s own CEO and president, Tsunekazu Ishihara who narrated throughout the event.

Official Word-of-Mouth Disclosure

The disclosure that mega evolution is indeed coming to Pokemon GO has been brief at less than half a minute. But only to be followed with an official statement of what the displayed footage was about. That is, Ishihara explicitly stating that “mega evolution” is truly coming to Pokemon GO soon.

While newcomers to the series would be scratching heads at what the fuss is about, fans know what to expect. And for those who knew, it does make for a big update and a milestone to a game that began with the basics.

Mega Changes

To the uninitiated, the mega evolution is a big deal in that it gives certain Pokemon a unique, powered-up transformation. Some even have more than one transformations than others, like Charizard and Mewtwo.

Mega evolving a Pokemon may not necessarily be always a key to victory, despite the beefy state. However, there is a difference between a mega evolved Pokemon and a regular Pokemon, especially in battle. This is due to the substantial disparity between monsters when it comes to combat parameters that define survivability in the field.

Mega Evolution Origins

Originally a concept exclusive to a few select and recent mainline Pokemon titles, the feature saw decline beginning with Pokemon Sun and Moon. Until subsequently missing out in the most recent Pokemon titles, Sword and Shield.

Based on established lore, the secret behind the mega evolution is a pair of Mega Stone, which vary according to the Pokemon, and a Mega bracelet. A feature that was first introduced in both Pokemon X and Y, followed by a few successors.

Fledglings into the series who missed sixth, seventh, and eighth generations would, therefore, be oblivious to what mega evolution is about.

To date, the series has a total of 46 Pokemon are capable of mega evolution. If that’s any indicator, it could probably be a benchmark of mega evolutions to come in Pokemon GO.

Image used courtesy of The Official Pokemon YouTube channel/YouTube Screenshot

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