‘Pokemon GO’ players will need to vote for June and July Community Day

Niantic is holding a voting event on May 23 and 24 to determine the next featured Pokemon for June and July Community Day.

Pokemon Go’s Community Day for May will be launching this weekend. However, players will have the chance to pick the featured Pokemon for the next two events. Niantic has revealed that they will be bringing back the voting capabilities of players for the Community Day event.

This time, Pokemon Go players will be choosing between Weedle, Squirtle, Gastly and Sandshrew. Back in February, trainers were asked to walk around and do a few tasks to earn voting points.

These points will be used to vote on which Pokemon they would want to see on the next Community Day. However, this time around will be a bit different because the voting will be held on Twitter. The two Pokemon who will get the most votes will be featured in June and July’s Community Day.

The Candidates


Reaching Squirtle’s final evolution Blastoise will grant him the Fighting move Aura Sphere. As of now, the only Pokemon who can learn this move in the game is Lucario. Having Blastoise learn Aura Sphere will give him a unique skillset as well as an advantage over Steel-type Pokemon during competitive battles.


Evolving Weedle to its final evolution Beedrill will allow it to learn the ability Drill Run. Combining Poison and Bug skills with a Ground-type move such as Drill Run will make up for some amazing move sets.

With this unique move, Beedrill can even faint an Azumarill with its shields up. This skill will also give advantage to Beedrill when it is fighting Rock and Fire type Pokemons.


If Sandshrew wins the voting event, the Kanto-based Sandshrew will have a higher encounter rate. In addition, the Alolan-based Sandshrew will also start appearing in raid battles.

Evolving either form to Sandslash will let it learn a fast Ghost-type attack called Shadow Claw. This would specifically benefit the Alolan Sandslash since the move is better than Powder Snow. This will improve its advantage as a counter to Giratina in the Go Battle League.


Evolving Gastly to Gengar will give him the ability Shadow Punch. This Ghost-type skill is useful in burning enemy shield down since it charges quickly.

How to vote

Voting for the next Community Day Pokemons will be held May 23rd and May 24th this month. Players will need to stay tuned for Niantic’s post on their official Twitter account to be able to cast their votes.

There is no specific date for the announcement of the winners. However, Pokemon Go developers said the results will be revealed as soon as possible.

Featured image courtesy of Stoyan Yotov/Shutterstock

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