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‘Pokemon Go’ releases characters in Galarian forms


Pokemon Go has announced its May events which include a new shiny Pokemon and several Galarian forms as part of Throwback Challenges.

As May is just around the corner, Niantic has revealed what their players can expect on Pokemon Go for the coming month.

Last week, the developers brought back some Legendary Pokemon to commemorate the launching of Remote Raid Passes.

Besides this, they also have prepared time-limited challenges which will prompt the appearance of a few Pokemon in their Galarian form.

Throwback challenge

The best method for players to get Galarian Pokemon is by participating in the Throwback Challenge research tasks.

For the whole month of May, Niantic will be hosting a streak of Throwback Challenges which will highlight the different regions from the popular Pokemon games.

Finishing certain research tasks will allow players to easily catch Pokemon belonging to a specific region. Completing all the tasks assigned for the week will unlock the Pokemon Go Throwback Challenge Champion research tasks.

After doing the research tasks for the Throwback Challenge Champions, players will now be able to encounter Galarian Pokemon on the map including Galarian Stunfisk, Galarian Darumaka, Galarian Zigzagoon and Galarian Meowth.

Dates of arrival

Players will have a few ways to catch the new set of Galarian Pokemon on Pokemon Go. One way is by joining the Throwback Challenge Champion research tasks which will start on May 1st.

However, players who will not gain access of the Champion research tasks will have to depend on random encounters to catch Galarian Stunfisk and hatch 7-kilometer eggs to get their hands on the Galarian forms of Darumaka, Zigzagoon and Meowth.

Here are the times for each of the Throwback Challenges players need to complete to unlock the Champion research tasks:

  • Kanto – May 1 to May 8
  • Johto – May 8 to May 15
  • Hoenn – May 15 to May 22
  • Sinnoh – May 22 to May 29

The Champion tasks will unlock on June 3 and players will have until June 8 to finish them. During the event time, finishing certain tasks will unlock random encounters for Galarian Pokemon.

Shiny Pokemon

In addition to the release of new Galarian Pokemon, players will also get a chance to capture new shiny Pokemon. The schedules of capturing shiny Pokemon are as follows:

  • Shiny Venonat – May 1 to May 8
  • Shiny Dunsparce – May 8 to May 15
  • Shiny Skitty – May 15 to May 22
  • Shiny Glameow – May 22 to May 29

Aside from these, there are no other know ways of capturing these shiny and Galarian Pokemon after the Pokemon Go event. Not everyone will have the chance to catch them and they will not be as easy to encounter.

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