‘Pokemon Go’ research: When does the latest timed research event start?

There is a Super Rocket Radar that will help players hunt and defeat Giovanni in Pokemon Go, the last reward for completing this mission.

Pokemon Go players can gear up for the month of April as the developers have said that this month, the game is going to be filled with challenges. There will be a lot of instances for the players to catch their favorite and rare Pokemons, defeat the Team Rocket leader Giovanni and do much more.

Various other surprises will avail in the game

Pokemon Go is bringing various other surprises for players as well. There are Group Days and Spotlight Hours and other seasonal activities that might spring up during Spring.

Players of Pokemon Go are encouraged to complete the research, time-based events, and one-time events throughout the game so that they can avail themselves of various benefits.

Started on the 1st of April and will end on the 8th of April, Pokemon Go is bringing a new dimension to the game. In this timeline, a Tricky Pokemon Timed Research Event will take place.

There is a Super Rocket Radar being presented in the game that will help all the players to hunt down and defeat the leader, Giovanni, in a battle.

It is mostly the final reward for players who wish to complete this mission.

Not only will players of Pokemon Go encounter Giovanni, but they will also encounter a Shadow Zapdos. 

How to track down the ‘Team Rocket’ boss?

To track down the boss, players need to have extra 100 Stardust, 100 XP, and Super Rocket Radar. This should not be much of a difficult task for players since most of them have the collected amounts.

Players need to simply go out and then track down the miscolored Pokestops near them. It will help all players to get a chance to defeat the boss.

The new Pokemon Go update helps all the players to refer the game to their friends and earn various other benefits and rewards from the referral.

Players are even entitled to get prizes such as Pokémon encounters, Rare Sweets, Incubators, and even more once the milestones are completed, one after the other.

As the Season of Legends is still going on in the game, players do have a good chance of referring the game to their friends and still earn the points as much as they want and get additional benefits.


Image courtesy of Mixeli/YouTube Screenshot

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