‘Pokemon Go’ reveals new Egg Transparency feature

Pokemon Go has then again offered a new helpful feature for gamers. The Egg Transparency!

Niantic just made egg hatching more interesting and fun to do in Pokemon Go for all players with the inclusion of an egg hatching feature.

The egg hatching typically can become one of the most inconvenient things to do in Pokemon Go. While the egg that hatches may change its color, the player will have no clue which Pokemon will come out of it.

Sometimes, players might question that it is worth the effort in the mid of the gameplay. Especially in the game of Pokemon Go, no one wants to walk about half a kilometer to see if their eggs are hatching or not. It is a long haul that most of the players are not keen on waiting and checking upon.

New Egg Transparency Feature Is the New Deal

The new egg transparency feature in Pokemon Go is the new deal in the game. With this feature’s help, it is evident that players will now get to check the group of Pokemons, which will hatch from the eggs.

All players have to do is to open the game and then tap onto the inventory option. Right from there, they will have to choose the eggs hatching option. Once they choose the same, the eggs prepared will show the types of Pokemon inside it and are getting ready to hatch. Only a handful of Pokemons are ready for hatching, and that only twelve of them.

This feature and its inclusion have been a great start for the developers. It even shows players whichever Pokemon is the rarest of kind and hatching inside the eggs.

Pokemons in Pokemon Go under the egg 1 section are the rarest, and they are likely to hatch sooner than you realize. If players want to put a Pokemon inside the incubator, they will likely catch a Pokemon they have not caught already.

How will the eggs show their colors?

The hatching eggs will show their colors corresponding to the kilometers that the players have to walk. In Pokemon Go, the 2km eggs are most likely to have all the common Pokemons inside. Those eggs that demand the players to cover a lot of kilometers are those that have the rare kind of Pokemons.

The developers ask that every player update their app to get the new egg transparency feature in Pokemon Go.


Image courtesy of becauselife/YouTube 

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