‘Pokémon Go Season of Celebration’ review: Not a steady ride

Pokemon Go switches back to the celebration of seasons with the help of introducing new seasons to the match.

There are seasons that are three months long, and they run consecutively alongside the game roughly with the standard seasons. Now that the Pokemon Go Season of Celebration has halted, let us take a quick review as to how this season has been.

What worked in this season?

Pokemon Go is a classic game of augmented reality. It helps all players to capture Pokemons with the use of their mobile phones. First of all, the Season of Celebration gets the point in general as the first entry as the current season and how the developers promised it to be.

Pokemon Go was rather boring when there were no events and not all the players were appreciated for their long-time hard work through the game. But at the same time, due to the introduction of back-to-back events, a lot of players were overwhelmed.

This is why developers needed to strike a balance. And how seasons were introduced to the game.

Season of Celebration scores because it helps a player add bonus or XP points that are perfectly timed to help players get from Level 41 to Level 50. The Season of Celebration even introduced the Pokemon GO tour like Kanto.

This ticket even closed out the Season of Celebration with a complete bang. Almost all the events which were featured at the end of Season of Celebration showed an improvement and how Niantics listened to the feedback from players.

What were the drawbacks of this Pokemon Go season?

The number one drawback of Season of Celebration was the structure. The holiday event, which was one of the most important events annually, allowed only a section of players to play.

Also, releasing a shiny in the raid is a clever choice. Some of the raid/egg-only Shinies were often featured and thus enriched the raid rotation.

However, Niantics’ focus for the Season of Celebration was to cut down Shiny releases, and locking all the new Shinies to raids was mostly frustrating. The limited Jinx featured in the Holiday events was baffling.

The final verdict

Introducing seasons as a whole is a great idea, overall. It excites players to be a part of the Pokemon Go community.

Although the Season of Celebration was carefully drafted by Niantics, many aspects in the two-third of the season made it less interesting to play.


Image courtesy of JFARM/YouTube

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