‘Pokemon Go’ season of discovery is right here: events and raids

Pokemon Go players have something to rejoice in right now with the new Season of Discovery.

The Season of Discoveries has begun in Pokemon Go. Pokemon Go is a game for the chase as all the players have to point their cameras in real life into various locations and find Pokemons that can fit into their Pokedex. But right now, players have something to rejoice in Pokemon Go right here.

This is the third-ever Season following the Season of Celebration in Pokemon Go and the Season of Legends. Niantic has said that this Season is running from June 1st until the end of September 1st.

It will completely focus on the fifth anniversary of Pokemon Go as well as the GO Fest 2021.

How are the mega raids happening in the game?

Now let us see what the event holds and the bonus that this amazing and happening Season of Discovery holds for all the players. Some of the new Pokemons will make a debut in the Season of Discovery right here as players have to wait and wait for the raids and mega raids that will play a huge role in Pokemon Go.

Some Pokemons that will come back here are Galarian Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres, a major feature of the Season of Discovery. There is not much announcement which Niantic itself shares. Still, some references can be used that this season will be about to put discovery onto a point and celebrating the fifth anniversary of Pokemon Go.

Some classic new additions will come off in this game that can have a new take on the first three Legendaries. The Season of Discovery will have a colossal kickoff with the help of Regirock, Regice, and even Registeel, who is going to make a return for the five-star raids.

What Pokemons are going to make a comeback in the game?

Some unexpected Pokemons will make a comeback in the series and are going to be a part of the Season of Discoveries right here. The new Pokemon hunting phase of 2021 will be a real blockbuster one that can take players off a foot in the match.

Players have to wait and check out all the updates from the development team and wait for all the raid updates in the team’s monthly event blogs, which are present on the official site.

This season is filled with all the mega raids that will feature all the Mega evolved Pokemon at a time. Players need to stay tuned for further details each month. Thinning out Megas, this new Season of Discoveries is going to be a solid idea.

Keeping one at a time allows all the trainers and focus better while also keeping the rotation interesting.


Image courtesy of LiftingandZombies/YouTube

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