‘Pokemon GO’ Spring Event to feature new flower crown Pokemon

Pokemon Go is set to have another Spring Event this year featuring special Pokemon variants and loads of other bonuses for players to enjoy. 

Niantic may have canceled the highly anticipated Lugia Raid event due to the COVID-19 pandemic but nothing is stopping springtime from taking over the game. On Friday, the developers announced their plans for another spring event that will run from April 9 to April 16.

With spring being a symbol of new beginnings, the event couldn’t have come at a better time, especially as the world continues to battle the COVID-19 pandemic.

It will be interesting to see just how Niantic plans to pursue the event, considering that many players around the world are stuck at home due to the enhanced community quarantines and lockdowns implemented by their respective governments.

The event will feature special spring-time variants of beloved Pokemons

Players of Pokemon Go would be delighted to know that with the springtime event, they will get a chance to encounter and capture unique versions of Buneary and Pikachu with the former wearing a flower crown and the latter a flower hat. More than that, there is a good chance for players to catch shiny variants of these Pokemons too.

While Buneary and Pikachu may be the event’s main attraction, a bunch of other Pokemons may appear more frequently in the wild: Chansey, Exeggcute, Mareep, Marill and Torchic. A shiny Exeggcute may also appear if a player is lucky.

Buneary and Pikachu are not the only ones to get special flower headpieces as players may also get to hatch Pichu and Togepi with flower crowns from two km eggs. Chingling, Happiny, Munchlax, Riolu, and Tyrogue can also be hatched from two km eggs.

Other special features of the Spring Event

During the spring event, all the eggs that players may receive from Gifts are two-kilometer eggs, and according to Niantic, players may get a chance to win an Alolan Exeggutor, Azumarill and, if one is lucky, even an Audino, from Field Research tasks exclusively for the spring event.

For the in-game store, players can purchase Togepi-themed style items. Furthermore, players will be receiving twice the amount of Candy when hatching eggs. Not only that, but Lucky Eggs will also last for one hour during the event as opposed to the regular 30 minutes during normal days.

COVID-19 considerations for the spring event

Niantic had announced last month the temporary changes made to the game to help players on lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic. New gameplay features such as the GO Battle League which can be played indoors were introduced while also adjusting the walking requirements of the feature from three kilometers to zero.

The changes made to Pokemon Go due to the COVID-19 pandemic will carry all the way to the spring event especially the ½ Hatch Distance bonus for people stuck at home.

Images courtesy of Pokemon Go/YouTube Screenshot

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