‘Pokemon Go’ tests new ways to get Pokecoins amid COVID-19 pandemic

Pokemon Go’s developers are testing a new way of getting Pokecoins. This is a part of the developer’s promise to make the game playable amid the pandemic.

Most Pokemon Go players across the globe cannot leave their homes due to the coronavirus pandemic. This is why Niantic has modified Pokemon Go to support play from home.

Just a few hours ago, Niantic has announced the next modification for Pokemon Go in order to support the ongoing quarantine methods.

What are Pokecoins

Pokecoins are Pokemon Go’s in-game currency used to buy upgrades, Pokeballs, and other much-needed items. Though regularly playing will let players earn a few consumable items, items such as Trainer clothes and storage upgrades are only possible by getting Pokecoins.

Originally, there are two ways players can get Pokecoins. One is by purchasing it by paying real money and the other by visiting gyms. However, this month, Niantic is changing how players can earn Pokecoins.

Pokecoin changes

As an added feature to the recent game changes to support play from home, Niantic will now allow players to gather Pokecoins while confined inside their houses.

Aside from defending gyms, players will have a few other options to earn Pokecoins. However, the update will only be released in Australia first. After testing and probably fixing a few bugs, the new update will be released worldwide.

New ways to earn Pokecoins

To stabilize this new way of acquiring Pokecoins, Niantic stated that there will be cutbacks to the number of Pokecoins earned when defending gyms. This adjustment means players will only get two Pokecoins per hour from gyms from the usual six Pokecoins per hour.

However, Niantic will also increase the number of Pokecoins players can acquire per day. It will now be a maximum of 55 Pokecoins per day instead of 50.

These are the daily activities which will reward players with Pokecoins:

  • Get a nice throw
  • Achieve a great throw
  • Achieve an excellent throw
  • Evolve one Pokemon
  • Use a berry
  • Take a photo with buddy Pokemon
  • Catch one Pokemon
  • Transfer one Pokemon
  • Win a raid

For most casual players, these new ways of acquiring Pofkecoins will give them the opportunity to earn Pokecoins in a daily basis without visiting gyms.

However, this will be huge change for Pokemon Go from how the game emphasizes battling in gyms. The developers are worried that this new method can lessen the prioritization of gyms.

While it will be more difficult to get Pokecoins inside the gyms, Pokemon Go players would still need to occupy gyms for the bonus Pokeballs.

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